Santa the Hutt: grotesque photo-op Santa

The Betabrand retail store in San Francisco's Mission district now sports a grotesque window display of Santa Claus, entitled Santa the Hutt. Chris from BetaBrand writes, "Our aim: To poke fun at holiday excess and explore anti-Santa sentiment. Our achievement: Over a thousand people have taken holiday photos at our Valencia Street store since rolling him out last week. "

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Grotesque creature housewares and jewelry

DeviantArt's dogzillalives is makes jewelry and housewares studded with eyeballs, tentacles, yellowing fangs, stitched faux-skin, and more. She's got an Etsy Store, too!

Stitched eyes cuff side (via Neatorama)

Grotesque and lovely animatronics

Roboticist film-maker John Nolan's gallery of animatronic creations is a treasure-trove of wonderful, grotesque creations in states of partial undress. gallery of photos (via JWZ)

The Art of Tony Millionaire

The Art of Tony Millionaire is a beautiful and demented treasury of the works of Tony "Maakies" Millionaire, who manages to turn out some of the weirdest and angriest comic strips in the business while simultaneously writing sweet and lovely children's books employing the same characters (some trick!).

TAoTM is about what you'd expect from a major retrospective of a versatile, talented cult illustrator: perfectly reproduced art from across his career, from adolescent zines to the present day, with several full-page color plates and lots of real rarities. Interspersed with this is some of the weirdest, most unbelievable, scariest and grossest anaecdotes about Millionaire's life that you could hope to read.

As with all of Millionaire's work, TAoTM is a study in contrasts: the sentimental, the heroic, the grotesque, the scatological, often in the same page (sometimes on the same line). It's an experience like no other.

The Art of Tony Millionaire (Thanks, Dark Horse, for sending me a review copy!)