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Cleartone Coated Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings


I hate changing guitar strings. These coated extra light ones last me a very long time.

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Snail and slug tape is great for electronics projects


Whether you're trying to quiet the hum on your old single coil Strat or Telecaster, or create a DIY wireless charging station for your phone, the copper tape sold to repel pests from the garden is an inexpensive and easy-to-manipulate material for the job.

slug_tape2 By the way, slugs actually do HATE copper tape, evidenced by a 2004 paper ("Behavioural response of slugs and snails to novel molluscicides, irritants and repellents") in which scientists placed snails and slugs in little time trails. Citing a slowed pace of .5 centimeters per minute, they concluded that the "copper significantly reduced the velocity of snails."

Apparently the whole copper-slug thing is an urgent question to some people. I admire this guy's testing setup: slugs

30-Day Guitar Workout

30-Day Guitar Workout

In addition to the oddest cover design ever, 30-Day Guitar Workout offers great exercises and has improved my playing.

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Young heavy metal shredder is also a screaming-fast texter

It’s a marvel to watch 26-year-old guitarist Nili Brosh tap 64th notes in her guitar solos, then scoop up her phone and tap messages at the same tempo. Her gates-of-hell texting work starts at 4:01.



Fingerboard Theory for Guitar: A Music Theory Text for Guitarists

Mel Bay Fingerboard Theory for Guitar A Music Theory Text for Guitarists

Want to understand how music and your guitar work together? Fingerboard Theory for Guitar taught me that music is as much math and science as it is a kind of magic.

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Freebird guitar solo, isolated

Isolated tracks of Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Allen Collins's iconic "Freebird" solo, 1973. (via Scott Ford)

Tabs for "100 Riffs" guitar solo


Remember the "100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N' Roll)" video above? Redditor adrianh wrote out the guitar tablature and posted it to Soundslice! Tabs for "100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N' Roll)" (via Reddit)