The amazing illustrated chart of Prince's hairstyles


Several years ago, Gary Card created a chart illustrating Prince's hairstyles from 1978 to 2013. After Prince's death, Dazed interviewed Card about the project, originally produced for Beat magazine.

Prince tweeted it and it went viral, it was one the most exciting moments of my life, knowing I’d impressed my hero. It came out with little fan fair when it was first printed, it was just some cute tribute by some weird obsessive nerd. I put a gif together of all the changing hair styles and put on Instagram, a couple of months later I was watching some nonsense on TV, when suddenly my phone starts going nuts with notifications, under one of the comments someone wrote, ‘Dude, Prince just tweeted your poster’ and that was it, it was retweeted around the world about ten times a second for two days, it was thrilling to watch. Of all of my achievements in my career, that was my proudest.

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Dyson's hair dryer is tiny, quiet and pricey


Dyson, makers of high-end vacuum cleaners and other gadgets that do clever things with air, is moving into beauty products. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer promises a premium model's power in a smaller, quieter package, and was built around the company's smallest motor yet.

It's priced at $400, too — apparently not unreasonable for salon gear, if an unlikely option for consumers — and will be available in white and fuscia. Here's the ad they've just put out:

Dyson's first beauty product is a hair dryer [Engadget] Read the rest

Vintage hairdryer in the form of a handgun


In the 1980s, Jerdon sold this, er, clever 357 Magnum Hair Dryer complete with holster. They can be had on eBay for around $100 to $300. YouTuber Rachell Tan gleefully demonstrates in the video below.

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French tribunal rules "faggot" isn't homophobic

Avoid homophobic salons with a cutting-your-own hair gadget

An employee of a hair salon described as a "faggot" by his boss claimed unfair dismissal, but a Paris tribunal found that the word wasn't a homophobic slur when used at a hair salon, where people are often gay.

The text from the salon boss read: "I am not going to keep [the employee]... I don't have a good feeling about this guy. He's a faggot," according to Liberation.

They used the French term "PD" which translates as the term "faggot".

In the reasoning, the tribunal said: "If we put it in the context of the field of hairdressing, the council considers that the term 'faggot' used by a manager cannot be considered as a homophobic insult, because hair salons regularly employ gay people, notably in female hairdressers, and that poses no problem at all."

The ruling has been noted not just for its trivialization of homophobia (Labour Minister Myriam El Khomri described the ruling as "outrageous" and "shocking"), but also for being not quite lucid. Read the rest

Professional and unprofessional hairstyles are as different as black and white


Searching for "unprofessional hairstyles" and "professional hairstyles" on Google Images exposes a stark racial divide in what's assumed to be appropriate for business settings. Spotted by @bonkamona, the results differ somewhat by platform or query wording, but the ethnic issue remains: professionals are pale-skinned, unprofessionals dark-skinned. Read the rest

Mother braids her daughter's hair in intricate, beautiful patterns every morning!

While our family is lucky to get our kids in their shoes every morning, Melbourne, Australia stylist Shelley Gifford creates these insanely intricate braids in her daughter's hair before school. See more at her Instagram feed, @prettylittlebraids. (Whenever I see wild braids, I always think of bOING bOING co-founder Carla Sinclair's wonderful 2003 book, Braid Crazy!) From Gifford's post at Bored Panda:

I braid Grace’s hair most days and take the photo of the style in the morning before Grace leaves for school. I only have approx 15-20 minutes on a school morning so if it can’t be done in this time I leave it for weekend. Grace is fantastic, I’ve been styling her hair since she was a toddler so she doesn’t know any different. It’s her quiet time for TV after she is ready for school so she is more than happy to sit there. I love doing something that I’m so passionate about and that Grace gets to be a part of it. She’s sweet, affectionate and beautiful little girl. Grace is everyone’s friend. …I love learning new styles, advancing my skills and challenging myself to create something new and unique.

(via Laughing Squid)

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Design an outrageous wig on this interactive website


This website lets you design an 18th century wig, then powder and decorate it. Read the rest

Star Trek creator's perfect comment on casting a bald captain for ST: TNG

At a press conference about Star Trek: The Next Generation, a reporter asked Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry about casting Patrick Stewart, commenting that "Surely by the 24th century, they would have found a cure for male pattern baldness." Gene Roddenberry had the perfect response. Read the rest

WATCH: 100 years of hair trends in 1 minute

[via] Read the rest

Cicada hairstyle

Japanese geek media celeb Shoko Nakagawa enhances her hairdo with cicada shells. (via Dangerous Minds) Read the rest

Men's coiffures from the 1960s and 1970s

Yesterday's bad haircuts are tomorrow's (or today's) cool haircuts in San Francisco's Mission or Brooklyn. (via Devour) Read the rest

Student removed from school lessons after shaving head for charity

Rhys Johnson, 14, shaved his head to raise cash for medical research after three of his relatives were diagnosed with cancer. His school, Milford Haven School in Pembrokeshire, Wales, took him out of class for breaking its "haircut rules," leading to a 250-kid walkout of the school. The BBC reports:

On Thursday, a Pembrokeshire County Council spokesperson said: "School policy is set by a school's governing body and implemented by the head teacher and school staff.

"When this policy is disregarded by a pupil - and in this instance the policy has been clearly communicated to the pupil concerned - the school is acting appropriately in enforcing its policy."

Note the dismissive, yet evasive bureacratic tone! And the fact that the BBC gave an official spokesperson, of a publicly-funded government body, the cloak of anonymity behind which to further criticize a child. Read the rest

Aevin Dugas has the world's largest afro

Four foot, four inches in circumference. "She believes her voluminous hair may have grown even bigger, but she cannot reveal its size until Guinness take an official measurement." [Video Link, Daily Mail] Read the rest

Baltimore hair stylist tries her hand at archaeology

Here's a nice reminder that an expert is only "an expert" in their specific, narrow field, and (more importantly) everybody in an expert in something. A Baltimore hair stylist has helped archaeologists better understand how Roman and Greek women achieved some of the complicated, towering hairdos depicted in sculpture and paintings. How? She experimentally demonstrated that the word most scientists had been translating as "hairpin" probably should be translated as "needle and thread". Read the rest

Villain hair

"Possession of a terrible haircut is the Hollywood litmus test for evil" [The Awl] Read the rest

Extreme space age hairdos of yesteryear

Presumably this old Pathe reel showing women getting huge armatures with planetoids on them inserted into their hair by men wielding combs with sparklers on them and strange electric shock devices is some sort of elaborate piss-take. Though maybe I'm wrong and there was a time when the women of Wokingham, Berkshire, really did wear their hair that way.

Space Age Hair Fashions (via The Mary Sue) Read the rest

Stary eyeball hair

An unsourced photo on Biglilkim's Tumblr shows a woman whose back-flip has been turned into an awesome, starey eyeball. Anyone know more about the picture?

(via Neatorama)

Update: In the comments, Copacetic says, "Yes. The stylist's name is Seaborn (known as Celebrity Seaborn) and the woman in the photo is known as Pastor Dot or just Dot. He has a Youtube Channel and Dot is very well know for wearing some of his most outlandish hairstyles. There is actually a video of this style. You can find it here." Read the rest

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