Delightfully odd YouTube channel imagines an all-Lin-Manuel Miranda version of Hamilton

I stumbled upon this strange but delightful YouTube channel that uses two Lin-Manuel Miranda face cutouts to reimagine the Hamilton cast recording in a whole new light. Though at first it seems like just a so-dumb-its-fun gimmick, it’s remarkable how much emotion the two creators are able to call forth from just one Miranda expression. And their choreography, costuming, and use of location (not to mention random bananas) is pitch perfect weirdo comedy. You can check out some highlights below and the full collection of the Spamilton YouTube page.

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Listen: Lin-Manuel Miranda just posted his rough drafts of 8 Hamilton songs

Hamildemos is a an eight-track Soundcloud set posted this week by Lin-Manuel Miranda, with the rough tracks for some of the best tunes from Hamilton; as Kottke points out, these are a lot more hip hop and less showtunes than the finished tracks. I'm especially fond of The Story of Tonight. Read the rest

Watch a brand new performance from Hamilton’s White House concert

The hit musical Hamilton performed a concert version of the show at the White House in March. While the first few numbers were live streamed, the rest of the performance was limited just to those in attendance. But now in honor of Obama’s last few days in office, the musical just released the White House performance of “One Last Time,” in which George Washington (Christopher Jackson) delivers his farewell address with a little help from Alexander Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda). It’s one of my favorite songs from the show, and you can watch the moving performance above as well as some more excerpts from the concert right here:

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Hamilton's eerie relevance to this moment in America's terrifying political journey

Lin-Manuel Miranda's smash Broadway musical Hamilton -- which recounts the events of 240 years ago -- keeps looming large in our very current political discourse, from Hamilton's role in the establishment of the Electoral College to Mike Pence's night at the theater and the ensuing Trumpian call for a safe-space for vulnerable politicians who have only their status as the second-most powerful man on the planet to defend themselves from the terrifyingly mild petitions delivered by actual, globe-striding singing fellows. Read the rest

Trump's Hamilton tweetstorm: calculated distraction from fraud settlement, or fragile mediocrity?

Yesterday, Donald Trump's news cycle was dominated by two stories: first, that the president-elect of the United States of America had a well-developed sense of the sanctity of the theatre, such that any on-stage politicking shocked his conscience to the core; second, that he had settled a lawsuit over Trump University, handing $25,000,000 to people whom he had defrauded. Read the rest

When Mike Pence came to Hamilton, the cast added a special afterword, just for him

Vice President-elect Mike Pence went to see Hamilton last night; he was booed on the way to his seat, but afterward, the cast acknowledged him with a brief set of remarks written by the show's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda: "We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights. We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf all of us." Read the rest

Lin-Manuel Miranda and family visit an Austrian meadow and re-enact The Sound of Music

A unicorn chaser for an American week of purgatory (don't think about The Postman, don't think about The Postman, don't think about The Postman). Read the rest

America's actually had worse presidential races than this one

If you're a Hamilton fan, you know that the Burr-Jefferson race of 1800 was such a shitshow that it ended up with the Vice President-elect murdering his most vocal critic after assuming office. Read the rest

Look around, look around at how lucky we are to have these Hamilton paper dolls

These amazing paper dolls were created for Vivid Seats by my friend Tyler Feder. You can find more of Feder’s work on her website and Etsy shop. Read the rest

Daveed "Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson" Diggs's PSA on the difference between Hillary and Trump

Daveed Diggs is the fastest rapper on Broadway thanks to his stunning performances in the roles of Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette in Hamilton. Read the rest

Lin-Manuel Miranda made a Hamilton mixtape

...and it drops on Dec 2, with a $14.49 pre-order option: featuring tracks that didn't make the stage play, as well as Busta Rhymes' remix of "My Shot" and other guest appearances from Queen Latifah, Ben Folds, Kelly Clarkson, Jimmy Fallon, Ashanti, Wiz Khalifa, Chance the Rapper, Usher... I ordered this so hard it broke my mouse. (via Kottke) Read the rest

Hand-lettered posters turn Hamilton lyrics into works of art

Artist/Hamilton fan Risa Rodil has created a gorgeous collection of posters featuring lyrics from the musical. You can purchase them as prints, t-shirts, home décor and more. Here are some of my favorites:

You can see the full collection of 16 posters on Rodil’s Tumblr. Read the rest

New York Deaf Theater performs Hamilton's Cabinet Battle #2

The cast of Hamilton joined with the New York Deaf theater in a video that is pure amazeballs. Read the rest

Hamilton in American Sign Language

Holy federalism, I love every single thing about this. And Peggy! (via Kottke) Read the rest

Watch Renée Elise Goldsberry perform a cut song from Hamilton

Renée Elise Goldsberry just wrapped up her final performance as Angelica Schuyler in the Tony-winning musical Hamilton. But before she left, she serenaded the final #Ham4Ham audience with a song that was cut from the show before its Broadway run. Read the rest

Archival video of original Hamilton cast will be made before Lin-Manuel Miranda moves on

Lin-Manuel Miranda's final performance in his amazing, blockbuster musical Hamilton will come on July 9 (he'll be replaced by his alternate, Javier Muñoz), but before then, he'll allow a video-crew in to make an archival recording. Read the rest

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony Awards sonnet for the Orlando shooting victims

Last night Lin-Manuel Miranda won the Tony for Best Original Score for the astounding Hamilton, and his acceptance speech beautifully honored the dead in the Orlando gay nightclub shooting. Read the rest

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