Brew your own Bendërbrāu

Over in the /r/homebrewing subreddit, user hatchetthrower has recreated one of my favorite fictional brews: Bendërbrāu, a homebrewed beer from Futurama made entirely inside Bender the robot's chassis. The recipe for the clone is pretty dead on: it's a steam beer as suggested by the label in the show, uses space-aged sounding Zythos hops (Galaxy was out of stock), and Rush 2112 yeast because Rush is one of Fry's favorite bands.

Check out the rest of the discussion on Reddit, as well as this Bender fermenter build for ultrafans. Read the rest

eDrometer Digital Hydrometer for Brewers and Winemakers

My cousin, Greg Lanham, and I have many similarities. We're the same age (born four days apart), we grew up in Colorado, and we went to Colorado State University at the same time and got degrees in mechanical engineering. The main difference is that I was a lousy engineer but Greg is a very good engineer. That's why I know his digital hydrometer "designed to aid the artisan brewer, winemaker and distiller in their craft" will work as advertised.

One of the key measurements obtained with a hydrometer during alcohol production is sugar concentration; this is an important measurement because, basically, sugar is the food for the yeast. By knowing the amount of sugar, the craftsman can control the alcohol content and flavor of the beverage being produced. This value is measured at different points throughout the process to ensure a repeatable, quality product every time.

Because the eDrometer is so fast and easy to use the craftsman can easily take measurements before, during and after fermentation, allowing them to consistently dial in their recipe.

eDrometer Digital Hydrometer for Brewers and Winemakers Read the rest