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Watch: Gary Whitta working with artist Karl Lindberg to create some concept art for Abomination

Here's a video interview of Gary Whitta working with artist Karl Lindberg from Industrial Light & Magic to create some concept art to accompany his debut novel, Abomination.

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Somebody stole the skull of Nosferatu director FW Murnau


The skull of FW Murnau, the director of the classic vampire film Nosferatu (1922), has been stolen from his grave in Stahnsdorf, Germany.

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Sandman Slim: Killing Pretty

James Stark's returned to LA from hell's gladiator pits and has been tearing things up ever since -- but what do you get for the monster who has everything?

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Shadowshaper: outstanding supernatural YA contemporary fantasy

Daniel José Older's debut novel Shadowshaper is a thrilling supernatural YA novel with a diverse, likable cast of characters whose peril can only be averted through acceptance, true friendship and an embrace of their identity.Read the rest

Library at Mount Char: urban fantasy that has the magic

Scott Hawkins's debut horror novel, The Library at Mount Char, is a sprawling, epic contemporary fantasy about cruelty and the end of the world, compulsively readable, with the deep, resonant magic of a world where reality is up for grabs.Read the rest

JJ Abrams on special make-up fx artist Dick Smith: "He was the Beatles to me.”


From JJ Abrams's fantastic tribute to Dick Smith, the pioneering SFX make-up artist behind The Exorcist, Scanners, Little Big Man, and so many more:

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This upcoming horror game looks really, really scary and everyone's excited


I wrote an entire paen to the Silent Hill series after the sad news that the series' next game was cancelled. Horror video games have definitely lost something in recent years thanks to commercial constraints and a culture shift toward direct action and away from mystery—which is why promising new ones get genre fans easily excited.

Joe Skrebels has the latest interview on Allison Road, a photorealistic horror game that's being called a "spiritual successor" to P.T.—the stunning "playable teaser" that had everyone so eager for the doomed launch of Silent Hills in the first place (this lovely critique of P.T. helps explain its unnerving brilliance).

In the interview, project lead Christian Kessler tells Skrebels that only the atmosphere resembles P.T.—Kessler plans to avoid that game's abstract surrealism in favor of an atmospheric exploration experience influenced by house-centric storyteller Gone Home.

Allison Road never meant to be an heir. But the way it looks so far—bleak color palette, frightening shapes waiting at the ends of long, poorly-lit corridors—easily puts one in mind. And as if an antidote to the bureaucracy and the secrecy of old-world game development and how it's crushed fans and creatives alike, Kessler is offering piqued potential players a transparent look at the game's development on a public Allison Road Facebook page. You can keep up to date til the game's scheduled 2016 launch on PC. Supposedly there might be an Oculus Rift version but seriously who would be up for that oh god

Here's Kessler offering an early (by now dated) look at the beginnings of the first "level":

The Awesome: ass-kicking girl monster-hunter FTW!

Eva Darrows's debut novel The Awesome features the most sarcastic, raunchiest, bad-ass-est heroine in recent YA history -- monster hunting has never been so outrageous.Read the rest

Awesome spooky housewares

Dellamorte & Co does a fine line of handmade, spooky-gothy housewares and fashion items, including this gorgeous vampire bat vase.

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Millennial justice

There's nothing sweeter than poetic justice, and Jamie Lauren Kelles's "Millennial Revenge Fantasy" meets and exceeds Dante for grotesque punishments that perfectly fit the crime.

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Exotic eyeball jewelry and housewares

Stefano Prima is not content to make rings and stalks sporting everyday taxidermy eyeballs -- rather, his pieces sport fanciful reptile irises, vertical goat-slits, terrifying basilisk pupils and even square pupils.

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Why Silent Hill mattered

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In this elegant ritual horror, giant hornets are everywhere


I love Twine games that are able to create a strong sense of place. Despite being text-only, a beautiful typeface and atmospheric, well-selected words go beyond 'choosing your own adventure', to navigating vivid interconnected chambers. Kitty Horrorshow's strange, oddly-lovely Hornets is vivid, all right.

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Stephen King versus Maine's lying governor

Maine's Tea Party Governor Paul LePage (R) has doubled down on his lie that Stephen King left Maine to avoid paying income tax; King is a proud taxpayer who views "taxes as a way of paying back the state that has given us so much."

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Alternate universe, Star-Wars scale Cthulhu action figures

Warpo's amazing, Kickstarted alternate-universe Cthulhu action figures have been reality for some months now, but now they're objects of commerce: $20 each at Thinkgeek.

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Nightmare fuel Trix ad

1940s, before the rabbit got in on the act [Vintage Ads]

Eutopia: horror novel about Lovecraftian racism

David Nickle's horror novel Eutopia confronts the racial overtones of Lovecraftian fiction head on, revealing a terrifying story of the American eugenics movement and the brutality underbelly of utopianism.Read the rest