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Time-lapse videos of ice cream melting

Ilsoo Yang made lovely time-lapse videos of melting ice cream. (via Devour)

Pranksterish ice cream man This Turkish ice cream man is an official Gladwell 10,000-Hour Expert. (Thanks, Matthew!)

How to spot good gelato from fifteen feet away

I had the best gelato of my life when I was in Rome the week before last. I bought it at Caffè Tomeucci on Viale Europa. It wasn't too sweet and it had a great texture. The flavors were pistachio and chocolate pistachio. I'll never forget it.

Today I was looking at Tyler Cowan's Marginal Revolution blog, and he linked to an article titled "How To Spot Good Gelato From 15 Feet Away." One thing to look for, says the author, is the color of the gelato:

If the fruit gelati are made of pure, real fruit then they will be the color that fruit would be if you crushed it: berry flavors a deep dark off-black purple/red, apple white or brownish or yellowish sometimes with flecks of peel, and banana a rather unappealing shade of gray. If, on the other hand, banana is a cheery yellow, apple a perky spring green and berry flavors are the light-ish color of blueberry yogurt, then the gelato before you is a mix of milk with food coloring plus fruit extracts or artificial fruit flavor. Pistachio similarly should be the color of crushed nuts, not bright green… The pistachio on the right here is clearly very artificial.

If you want to learn six other ways to spot good gelato from fifteen feet away read the article.

The magic ingredient in a chocolate dip cone

What makes the dip in a chocolate dip cone harden from a goo into a crispy shell? It's coconut oil.

Boozy ice-cream man banned

The operator of an ice-cream van in south London was removed from his sweet beat after being charged with driving drunk. Parents concerned about the smell of alcohol summoned police, who found him to be over twice the legal driving limit. While this remains "relatively low" by British drunken-driving standards, the judge said that the nature of his vehicle was a "serious aggravating factor," and issued a 20-month driving ban.

The science of brain freeze

It is 83 degrees in Aspen, Colorado—just hot enough that I started dreaming of ice cream as soon as I stepped off the plane.

Now, if I do find some ice cream and give myself a brain freeze while woolfing it down, I will have a better understanding of what that nasty cold-food headache is and how to combat it, thanks to this Scientific American video.

One of the things I like best about the video: Learning that, despite the ubiquity of the brain freeze, it's still not 100% clear what causes it. In particular, there are several competing theories to explain why putting cold things in your mouth would make your forehead hurt. Nifty!

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Ben from Ben and Jerry's serves ice-cream to OWSers

Scott Lynch was kind enough to place this photo of Ben "Ben and Jerry's" Cohen scooping up free ice-cream for the Occupy Wall Street protesters in the Boing Boing Flickr pool.

Occupy Wall Street: Day 52, Zuccotti Park, Ben and Jerry's, scooped by the real, actual Ben

This is a seventy-five dollar felt ice cream sandwich

It has a face and a bite taken out of it.

It is also apparently crying and wearing rouge.

A felt ice cream sandwich with a bite taken out of it and a face with little buck teeth that is crying and wearing rouge on Etsy for $75 - Thanks Sam!