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NJ, ID legislators ready to ban airport pornoscanners - your help needed!

Aaron Swartz sez, "Bold legislators in New Jersey and Idaho have introduced bills stopping the new porno-scanners, but that's not enough -- we need to pass these bills in every state! So I set up a thing to make it super-easy to contact your state legislator about it. Just add your name and zip code to our petition and we'll automatically email your state rep." Stop the TSA's Nude Scanners!

Bonkers geodesic futuristic homes of Idaho Falls

Jesse sez, ""Growing up in Idaho Falls, Idaho was strange enough but I always wondered what was up with this collection of futuristic hippy homes in my neighborhood above I.F. (called Rimrock Estates, in Ammon, ID). The place is overrun with starter castles today, yet these architectural anomalies built sometime in the early 80's, presumably by the same developer continue to amaze. I've actually been in two or three of them, this pyramid shaped one being the coolest. A nuclear family including two fraternal twin piano prodigies lived there. Fitting somehow."

The Geodesic Homes of Idaho Falls, Idaho (Thanks, Jesse!)