Auditory illusion compilation video

A fun compilation of auditory illusions, some of which we've covered on BB previously but are even more compelling when experienced one after another!

Video: How to make chocolate out of nothing

In this video, Mariano Tomatis shows how to create chocolate out of nothing. Here is his explanation of this wonderful phenomenon, known as a missing square or vanishing area puzzle. (Thanks, Ferdinando Buscema!)

Optical illusion: train moves both ways

Train Which way is the train going? Magic from just four frames! (It's a real train station so of course there is an actual answer, but that's no fun.) (via Neatorama)

Video: water appears frozen in sine wave

A beautiful video of sound curiously affecting a stream of water, visible thanks to a camera recording at 24 frames-per-second. The speaker generates a 24 hz sine wave that vibrates the water while the camera recording at 24 fps make the stream appear to "freeze." (Thanks, Koshi!)

The science of magic

The old cups-and-balls "shell game" trick so effectively exploits the human brain's ability to be deceived that, even when the cups are see-through, you can still get played.