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Magic ball and vase

This classic, $5 trick earns amazing reactions.

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Pretend cities to fool bombers through history

Starting with a fake Paris built to lure Kaiser Bill's incendiary bombs, through to the pretend industrial towns used in WWII England to divert 900 tonnes of munitions, to the pretend airbases built in the Pacific Northwest and through to the Viet Cong's pretend villages to disguise tunnel complexes.

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Auditory illusion compilation video

A fun compilation of auditory illusions, some of which we've covered on BB previously but are even more compelling when experienced one after another!

Video: How to make chocolate out of nothing

In this video, Mariano Tomatis shows how to create chocolate out of nothing. Here is his explanation of this wonderful phenomenon, known as a missing square or vanishing area puzzle. (Thanks, Ferdinando Buscema!)

Optical illusion: train moves both ways

Train Which way is the train going? Magic from just four frames! (It's a real train station so of course there is an actual answer, but that's no fun.) (via Neatorama)

Video: water appears frozen in sine wave

A beautiful video of sound curiously affecting a stream of water, visible thanks to a camera recording at 24 frames-per-second. The speaker generates a 24 hz sine wave that vibrates the water while the camera recording at 24 fps make the stream appear to "freeze." (Thanks, Koshi!)

The science of magic

The old cups-and-balls "shell game" trick so effectively exploits the human brain's ability to be deceived that, even when the cups are see-through, you can still get played.