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Ow! My Balls!: The scientific survey

Between 2002 and 2010, 142,144 adults went to the emergency room with "genitourinary" injuries. Sporting equipment (bikes, bats, various balls) were the products most likely to be involved in such an injury, appearing in 30% of all cases. This is probably not a surprise to anyone who has watched "America's Funniest Home Videos". What is a little surprising: Men only accounted for 69% of the injuries. Ow. My ovaries. (Via Ivan Oransky)

Important news from the wind energy industry

DONG to buy big Siemens wind turbines for the UK. Just so you know.

Because we are all mature adults

And now: The science of farting. (via Hannah Waters)

Fate and the archaeologist

Some archaeologists get to discover Tutankhamun's tomb. Others go down in history for finding Kaiser Wilhelm's urinal. (Via A blog about history and Cort Sims)

A brief explanation of the "Hairy Ball Theorem"

Why hairy balls can't be combed to lie perfectly flat and what that has to do with wind currents on planet Earth. Surprisingly, this is all totally safe for work.

Via New Scientist and hectocotyli