British sell French wine to pay off drinks tab

Belinda Goldsmith at Reuters: "Britain's government is selling vintage French wine at around 5,000 pounds a bottle ($7,500) in a bid to make its wine cellar self-funding." Read the rest

Watered-down booze bamboozles drinkers

Beer drinkers filed a $5m lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch, accusing it of watering down Budweiser. Meanwhile, Makers Mark abandoned back plans to water down its signature tipple. Read the rest

Elephants saved by vodka

In Russia, trainers served warm Vodka to freezing elephants to save them from encroaching cold. The animals were not intoxicated. [AP] Read the rest

Marijuana now legal in Washington

CBS: "An impromptu celebration was held, appropriately enough, at the Space Needle, a Seattle high point. The air was filled with the scent of victory." Read the rest

Vandal ruins millions of dollars worth of wine

A moment of silence, please. Some complete bastard in Italy has destroyed 84,000 bottles of Brunello, worth at least $25m. [Eric Asimov/NYT] Read the rest