Instagrammers reveal the difference between a posed body and a relaxed one

I stumbled across this great Hello Giggles post highlighting a trend in which body-positive Instagrammers reveal just how different their bodies look in posed vs. relaxed photos taken moments apart. The side-by-side photos serve as an important reminder of just how manufactured our culture’s idea of “perfection” is. As Bodyposipanda puts it, “We sure as hell don't need to compare ourselves to anybody's highlight reel, after all, the model in the magazine doesn't even look like the model in the magazine most of the time.” Some of my favorite photos are below and you can see the rest on Hello Giggles.

Same girl, same day, same time. 💛 Not a before and after. Not a weight loss transformation. Not a diet company promotion. 💛 I am comfortable with my body in both. Neither is more or less worthy. Neither makes me more or less of a human being. Neither invites degrading comments and neither invites sleezy words. 💛 We are so blinded to what a real unposed body looks like and blinded to what beauty is that people would find me less attractive within a 5 second pose switch! How insanely ridiculous is that!? 💛 I love taking these, it helps my mind so much with body dysmorphia and helps me rationalise my negative thoughts. 💛 Don't compare, just live for you. There is no one on this planet who's like you and that's pretty damn amazing don't ya think. The world doesn't need another copy, it needs you.

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A book on how to up your Instagame

With over 4.3 million followers, Aimee Song is certainly the Instagram expert. Her debut book, Capture Your Style, aims to teach readers how to transform their Instagram photos, showcase their life, and build the ultimate platform.

Whether you’re into snapping stylish outfits, delectable food, awe-inspiring architecture, or wanderlust-inducing travels, this book covers them all. With sections about editing photos, hashtags versus geotags, curating the ultimate grid, working with brands, and pricing (just to name a few), Song’s publication is the all-in-one guide for those wanting to ‘up their Instagame’.

Add-in pages upon pages of beautifully curated photographs from Song’s own Instagram feed and you’ve got yourself a publication that isn’t just educational, but pretty inspiring too.

This is a must-read for individuals interested in pursuing the platform more seriously, particularly those who are bloggers or wishing to become social media influencers.

– Melanie Doncas

Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Photos, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform by Aimee Song Harry N. Abrams 2016, 208 pages, 8.0 x 0.5 x 8.1 inches, Paperback $12 Buy on Amazon Read the rest

Smooth chihuahua Nana has the derp game on lock

Instagrammer Edamame114 is proud biographer of Japan's derpiest superstar chihuahua Nana. Follow Nana's adventures wearing hats, going to local landmarks, and eating treats. Warning: you may make audible sounds while scrolling. Read the rest

Instagram celeb weirded out by follower who matched all her shots

It's easy to see why someone would want to emulate Instagram power couple Jack Morris' and Lauren Bullen's globetrotting adventures. One follower got a little carried away, though, matching locations and shots so meticulously that it started to feel pretty unsettling. Read the rest

World's longest Instagram tour: Toronto's Graffiti Alley

Heritage Toronto has curated a cool Instagram account ( that documents Toronto's Graffiti Alley. It works best on a phone, but it's OK on other screens if you don't mind turning your head 90 degrees. Read the rest

Instagram for Windows 95

Misha Petrick reimagined the Instagram app if it had come out 20 years earlier in Windows for desktop. Be sure to scan that .exe file for viruses! Read the rest

Instagram announces anti-harassment tools, overtaking Twitter

Twitter's openness is its strength, and also its weakness: the ease with which new accounts can be created makes it into an amazing tool for free expression, and also a perfect venue for vicious harassment (see also); but Instagram (a division of Facebook, the home of the walled garden) has announced a suite of anti-harassment tools that seem like they'd be compatible with Twitter, raising the obvious question: why hasn't Twitter already deployed them? Read the rest

Instagram now allows videos up to a full minute long, up from 30 seconds

Instagram just increased the time limit on user video uploads to a full minute long.

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Instagram is a dialup BBS

JWZ reminds us that all social media is some variation on the walled garden strategy, designed to lock you in and lock value away from the open, interoperable Web into a silo where it languishes and rots. You know, AOL. Read the rest

The thankless life of an Instagram husband

Instagram husband is related to Instagram parent of a teenage daughter. Read the rest

This webcomic about a Polish girl is actually an Instagram account

Regina, or 1995Regi, as she calls herself on Instagram, is a Polish girl who likes selfies, science fiction, and Drake. She's also the creation of artist Katarzyna Witerscheim, who dreamed Regina up as a cross between a slice-of-life webcomic and a roleplaying game, which you read and interact with through her illustrated selfies on social media.

The details of Regina's life can be gleaned not only from the images Witerscheim creates, but also the interactions she has with followers as Regina. Shortly before Halloween, for example, "Regina" took a poll on what costume to wear; later, in a photo taken at a Halloween party, we see her dressed as the people's choice: Sailor Moon.

Meet my date! Teddy is my Tuxedo Mask! #halloween #trickortreat #sailormoon My costume is made by @kairiincosplayland !!! 🎃🎃🎃

A post shared by Regina (@1995regi) on Oct 31, 2015 at 10:50pm PDT

In another image, we see Regina kissing a handsome boy named Sasha, and answering questions about where they met. A week later she Instagrams a picture of her tear-stained face: They're broken up. She posts a screenshot of Adele's melodramatic ballad "Hello," playing on her phone. The responses from fans are serious and sympathetic: "Treat yourself kindly and surround yourself with people who love you!!" says one.

"I thought the project would be great to be interactive," Witerscheim told The Daily Dot. "You can write to her, you can talk to her, you can say to her about what she should do. Read the rest

Model Nykhor Paul calls out makeup artists for not being prepared to work with her skin tone

South Sudanese model Nykhor Paul is tired of professional makeup artists being unprepared to work with darker skin tones. Read the rest

TSA's new Instagram shows all the dangerous items that presented no danger

The TSA has launched an Instagram account, showing all the "dangerous items" they steal confiscate from air travellers. The message is clear: we are keeping you safe from in-flight danger.

But what they don't show is all the grand-jury indictments for conspiracy to commit air terrorism that they secured after catching people with these items -- even the people who were packing guns. Read the rest

Accused identity thief nailed by food-porn Instagram photo

Troy Maye was wanted for a string of identity thefts, but the IRS couldn't positively identify him. But after he passed a thumb-drive of stolen data to an IRS informant, investigators were able to pull his name off the drive's metadata. They used that to find his Instagram profile, and found a food-porn photo he'd taken at the Morton's steakhouse where he'd dined with the informant. Busted.

"IRS Agent Louis Babino then headed to Google and located Maye’s Instagram page, which contained a profile photo of Maye. When shown the profile photo, the CW confirmed that Maye (seen at right) was the man with whom he dined at Morton’s."

Well, sure, Agent Babino, but how can you be really sure this was your guy?

"A further review of Maye’s Instagram page, Babino noted, revealed “a photo of a steak and macaroni and cheese meal containing the caption ‘Morton’s.’” The image--uploaded on January 7 at 11:24 PM--“appears to coincide” with the CW’s meeting at Morton’s, added Babino."

Yup, this guy food-porned his way into being arrested. The Instagram photo is reportedly being entered into evidence in the case, so one hopes the juicy steak and the creamy mac and cheese was really, really worth all the trouble Maye is now in. Once again, if you're a criminal, online narcicism is probably something you'd be best to avoid.

Criminal Nabbed By His Own Food Porn [Timothy Geigner/TechDirt], [Gabrielle Bluestone/Gawker] Read the rest

Use Instagram to reverse engineer food

Leo Kent of Humans Invent writes about a new free service in Sweden that uses Instagram to find out how to make Asian food.

Ask CT Food is a new service people can use through Instagram to find out the ingredients and methods of cooking Asian food. If you’re at a restaurant and want to know how to make the Sushi that you’re about to eat, you can take a photo of the dish and CT Food will tell you how. We will then see the picture and, based on what the question is, reply as quickly as possible Luong Lu, who, along with co-creative Farnaz Sajadi and web developer Nikola Romcevic, created this concept for CT Food, says, “It is a very personal, almost 24/7 customer service right in your pocket. Everytime you have a question about an Asian dish at a restaurant you just snap a picture and then put in our username @askctfood. We will then see the picture and, based on what the question is, reply as quickly as possible.”

Reverse engineering the food in front of you Read the rest

Instagram walks back its controversial TOS update; reverts to old TOS

Well hey now. From the Instagram blog:

Earlier this week, we introduced a set of updates to our privacy policy and terms of service to help our users better understand our service. In the days since, it became clear that we failed to fulfill what I consider one of our most important responsibilities – to communicate our intentions clearly. I am sorry for that, and I am focused on making it right.

The concerns we heard about from you the most focused on advertising, and what our changes might mean for you and your photos. There was confusion and real concern about what our possible advertising products could look like and how they would work.

Because of the feedback we have heard from you, we are reverting this advertising section to the original version that has been in effect since we launched the service in October 2010. You can see the updated terms here.

As Dave Pell put it: "Translation: Fuck it, we're cool with just the billion."

Read the full statement here. I think that's pretty great news. I really enjoy using instagram, and my colleagues and I have had a lot of fun with our new Boing Boing instagram feed—I feel better about remaining a user now. But I don't know. Fool me once...

All that said, the new Flickr mobile app is pretty sweet. Personally, I think I'll straddle both for a while. And you?

 Instagram's new legalese pisses off users Instagram responds to TOS outrage: "Thank you, and we're listening ... Read the rest

Instagram responds to TOS outrage: "Thank you, and we’re listening"

"I’m writing this today to let you know we’re listening and to commit to you that we will be doing more to answer your questions, fix any mistakes, and eliminate the confusion," writes Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, responding to a big brouhaha on their updated TOS. "As we review your feedback and stories in the press, we’re going to modify specific parts of the terms to make it more clear what will happen with your photos."

"Legal documents are easy to misinterpret. So I’d like to address specific concerns we’ve heard from everyone."

Read the full response here. Upset Instagram users, does the promise to "listen" and "modify" make you feel comfortable remaining a user? I'm curious how you feel.

 Instagram's new legalese pisses off users The Verge on Instagram-gate: "they can't sell your photos," but they ... HOWTO automatically license your Instagram pics as Creative ... The Instagram buyout: charts! Why Flickr didn't create Instagram Read the rest

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