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HOWTO make your own skateboard truck lazy-susan table

Inspired by the skateboard-truck lazy-susan table I blogged last year, Instructables user Wilgubeast has produced a HOWTO for replicating it for about $70, excluding the glass: "Think of the possibilities: Play board games where nobody has to look at the board upside-down. Bring the remote within reach without getting up from the couch. Epic tea parties."

Skateboard Table

HOWTO recreate the Haunted Mansion's singing busts

TheNewHobbyist has posted an Instructable for re-creating the "Singing Busts" effect from the Disney Haunted Mansion rides, using an Arduino to control the effect so that it springs to life when trick-or-treaters step up to your porch.

After I started learning to program my Ardunio this evolved into a photocell actuated video "on demand" Halloween display. I used an example I found on to control a Dell Mini 9 netbook running AutoHotKey. When the photocell switch is tripped the Arduino sends a serial message to the Dell laptop which is converted to a keystroke by AAC Keys which in turn triggers the below AutoHotKey Script and finally plays back using VLC. The "AAC Keys" could probably be replaced by setting up your Arduino as a USB HID but at the time this was all a foreign language to me.

(via Neatorama)

HOWTO rubberize origami

Instructables user Blightdesign has developed a method for rubberizing paper origami creations by dipping them in Plastidip, using them for Christmas tree ornaments. This HOWTO explains how to rubberize your own paper toys.

(via Make)

HOWTO make irising papercraft glasses

If there's one thing I love, it's irising mechanisms. And if there's another thing I love, it's thick-framed glasses. That's two things I love, and as you've probably guessed, there's someone who's combined 'em. Instructables user art.makes will show you how to brew up a pair of these beauties in seven moderately complex steps.

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HOWTO beat high pram-repair costs by 3D printing replacement parts

Instructables user Dscott4 has an expensive Bugaboo pram, and it broke. The official Bugaboo service center wanted $250 to replace the part, but Dscott4 fixed it himself by 3D printing the missing part and installing it.
Pram connoisseurs out there will know that the Bugaboo is by far the best pram on the market for style, function, ergonomics and collapse ability, unfortunately they are also very expensive to buy and even more expensive to repair, until now....

With the increased accessibility of high quality 3D printing thanks to Shapeways , you can get your Bugaboo back on the road for $25, not bad considering I was quoted $250 for a repair.....

Following is a step by step guide to repairing the handle lock, without which the pram is near useless.

How to repair a Bugaboo Pram with 3D Printing (via Shapeways)

HOWTO make an irising wristwatch case

Instructables user Gogglerman made this beautiful mechanical irising case for a steampunky wristwatch movement, and posted hints for making your own. It's one of the sweetest projects I've ever seen, and definitely the coolest application of steampunk to horology I know about.

Steampunk wristwatch with mechamical iris cover. "TimEye". (via Make)