Irish women call for a nationwide strike if they don't get a referendum on the country's brutal abortion ban

Ireland's abortion laws are among the most barbaric in the world -- among its many deficits, it forces women to carry unviable fetuses to term, making them labor to deliver babies who live short hours in extreme pain before dying before them. Read the rest

Starting at 10:45 Central: NASA celebrates International Women's Day

In about 45 minutes, this embedded video will come to life with a live stream from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where researchers and staff are celebrating International Women's Day with a series of discussions about women in the space program.

There is several hours of programming planned. You can see the full schedule on the JPL Ustream page. The highlights:

At 11:10, there will be a panel, featuring four women who have led NASA missions as principal investigators, talking about their experiences. Later in the day, at 1:00, tune back in for a panel focused on inspiring career stories—how some truly amazing women at NASA found their way into the sciences and to the space program. Read the rest