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James Bond: Every attempted crocodile jump in "Live and Let Die"

Daryn Hinton, who shared this YouTube video, explains:

Ross Kananga who did the stunt of running across the crocodile backs in the James Bond movie 'Live and let Die' was a friend of my brother Darby Hinton & I (Daryn Hinton). Wow he almost got killed a couple of times! Ross was a great guy!!!! Mark Trenchard whose mom was the production manager's secretary in Jamaica posted it to show us.

And, of course, you can watch the final shot in the completed film from 1973. It's one of my favorite 007 movies. (Thanks, Joe Sabia!)

All the Bonds, fighting themselves

(Video link) Brad Hansen, the very nifty editor of the viral hit "The Lion King Rises," has pitted nearly every cinematic incarnation of James Bond -- Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig -- in a series of head-to-head death matches. Admit it -- you've always wanted to see which version of himself Bond could kill. Do you agree with the results? (Thanks, Brad!)

Happy 50th, Mr. Bond! Here is the fancy new song that Adele sang for you

The fancy new James Bond theme, "Skyfall," sung by Adele is out, and it's pretty sweet! You can buy it at iTunes and consume it in video form on the singer's YouTube page. Adele has experienced some moderate success this year with both her career and her life, and singing the new Bond theme was a good way of acknowledging she cannot pull off the "melodiously heartbroken" thing anymore. (via Adele on YouTube)