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WATCH: Juggling tricks with multiple jugglers

Minnesota-based designer and juggler Tom Gaasedelen presents Carpool Lane, a series of cool tricks with multiple jugglers using colorful pins and rings.


Carpool Lane (via Vimeo)

Gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo at London's South Bank Centre

Mat Ricardo sez, "Completely thrilled to announce that, in what must surely be some kind of administrative error, my one man show 'Showman' will have a three night run at The Purcell Room in London's South Bank Centre on the 19th, 20th & 21st of January."

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Magical ring juggling

Hypnotic and astonishing contact juggling of rings by Lindzee Poi.

Super slo-mo fire-juggling

Scott sez, "Here's a new video of me juggling fire in slow motion. 2000 frames per second. There's also a video there of me juggling and eating apples. It's pretty fun to watch. It doesn't look like I'm trying."

Juggling Flaming Torches in Slow Motion (Thanks, Scott!)

Juggler for Jesus selling dad's huge fossil collection


David Cain of Middletown, Ohio is selling off his late father's massive collection of fossils that takes up several rooms in an unmarked storefront. Cain says the most valuable items are 200 megalodon teeth, and a dozen dinosaur egg nests. He'd like to get around $250,000 for the whole lot. The challenge, says Dale Gnidovec, collection manager at Ohio State University's Orton Geological Museum who checked out a video of the collection, is that what he saw is "readily available at any large fossil shop and many of them have been ‘enhanced’ by the craftsman. It is also very depressing to see so many fossils that have been stripped of their scientific value by not having exact locality and geologic information.” Interestingly, Cain is selling the fossils so he can grow his own collection of historical juggling props. It's apparently the third-largest in the world. Cain is a professional juggler whose act is called "Juggler for Jesus."

"Juggler has hands full with dad's fossil collection" (, thanks, Charles Pescovitz!)

Man solves Rubik's Cube while juggling

Ravi Fernando solves a Rubik's Cube while juggling.

Mat Ricardo at Edinburgh Fringe

Funny juggler/conjuror Mat Ricardo sez, "Remember last year when I staged a one-man show at the Edinburgh festival, asking if - after 25 years of touring, performing and slowly going mad - I should continue doing my job as a juggler and comedian? Remember how I discussed it with the audience and got their advice during each show? Well - the results are in - the show was a massive success and I got the best reviews of my career (Graham Linehan came, and called it 'Charming, funny and startling;). the feedback was literally unanimous that I should keep doing it. Hooray! The show transferred to a short London run earlier this year, which sold out, and I've been booked to perform it at a larger venue for the duration of the Edinburgh fringe, starting next Wednesday. The lesson here is simple - if you make something, then make it personal and meaningful. When you do a job that you love for a long time, as I have, it's easy to forget why you loved it in the first place. It's easy for it to become just a job, and that's what had happened to me - but writing and performing 'Three Balls and a New Suit' helped me remember, and now I love doing it as much as I ever have. Win!"