An Unexpected Twist

Andy Borowitz tells the harrowing tale of his near-death experience with severe intestinal trouble. A good poop joke should not go unappreciated, and this is a brilliantly told 18-page poop joke. Give it a read on your lunch break. Read the rest

eBook review: the Renewal

The Renewal by JF Perkins is a post-apocalyptic tale of rebuilding American society. It is intentionally short and sets the stage for future installments. I was interested enough that I'll be reading the second.

China and the U.S. apparently let the nukes fly and absolutely nothing good comes of it; society has collapsed. 30-40 years later a young reclamation engineer is sent out on his first mission: survey some former housing with the idea of securing more arable land. He finds something else entirely.

The Renewal by JF Perkins Read the rest

eBook Review: the Plagiarist

Hugh Howey, the author of the Wool series that I love and reviewed a few months ago, is a master of creating interesting realities.

Howey's The Plagiarist is the tale of a college professor who moonlights prospecting virtual worlds for great works of art and literature. The moral quandaries, his love life and general lack of mental health all blend to tell an engrossing tale.

As usual Howey's work is hard to put down. If you enjoyed Wool, be sure to read the Plagiarist.

Hugh Howey's the Plagiarist Read the rest

eBook Review: From Hither to Yon

Why aren't we suffering under a flood of time-travelling tourists? What will happen if I meet my own grandfather? In From Hither to Yon author and humorist Rich Cohen shares with us his research on the wheres, whys and whens of time travel.

Providing examples of Einstein's theory of relativity at work today (why satellite clocks run faster than ground based ones), Cohen documents a number of different views about the possibility, inevitability and futility of time travel. This very short romp through topics like string theory, wormholes and light will make you think.

While not a DIY handbook for construction of my own T.A.R.D.I.S. this was certainly worth the quick read.

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eBook Review: Don't Eat Cat

Zombies that aren't even really dead! Jess Walter's Don't Eat Cat is a new (to me) and creative take on the coming zimbo epidemic.

Set in not-to-far-in-the-future Seattle, Walters paints a picture of a broken America. People frustrated by reproduction laws, intelligence testing that dictates the course of their lives, and Starbucks playing a lead role in US economy can apparently turn to zombie-ism as an escape! Through the abuse of a club drug they become quasi-functional zombies and forget all their cares; a pseudo-suicide that society seems desperate to accept.

A super fast read for lovers of zombie lit.

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eBook Review: Old Soul

Joseph Wurtenbaugh's Old Soul is a fantastic Kindle Single. I tore through this short story, unwilling to put it down.

A tale of survival, change and perhaps the source of that eerie deja-vu that plagues you; Wurtenbaugh tells the story of That-Which-Had-Been. We follow a microbiological organism as it journeys from its dying host to another, and another, seeking a new home.

I can't recommend Old Soul highly enough. For .99 this is a do not miss Kindle Single!

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