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The best hot sauce recipe

I usually avoid hot sauce because I'm afraid it might contain onions and/or cilantro, both of which are loathsome by any objective standard. Here's a hot sauce recipe from my friends Kelly and Erik at Homegrown Evolution that sounds perfect.

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Simple, space efficient grater set

OXO Good Grips Complete Grate and Slicer Set

Easy to use, clean and store, this grater/slicer set has replaced my box grater and my mandoline.

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The best can opener I've owned

OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener

Fighting with a can opener is zero fun. This OXO locking can opener is my absolute favorite!

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Quickly peel a hard-boiled egg by shaking it in a glass of water

I haven't tried this fast eggshell-peeling method yet, but I hope it works as well as it does in the video.

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How to cut a bell pepper without getting seeds everywhere

A good video that shows you how to prep a pepper for cutting.

Collapsible silicone kitchen strainer

Food Strainer / Food Steamer Combo Colander - The Magic Strainer - Collapsible to 1" Flat and Fits in Any Kitchen Space.

This silicone kitchen strainer is an absolutely awesome kitchen tool!

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Plastic storage caps for wide mouth canning jars

I use white plastic one-piece screw-top lids sized to fit either regular or wide-mouth canning jars.

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Replacing our plastic containers with Pyrex food storage dishes

pyrexA few months ago I bought a bunch of these Pyrex food storage dishes in various sizes and got rid of the old plastic containers we'd been using for years. I am sorry I didn't make the move sooner. They are great for microwaving, and they don't get stained when I store tomato sauce in them. I haven't put these in the freezer yet, but the manufacturer says you are allowed to. The lids are BPA free and can go in the top rack of the dishwasher.

To start, get four 1-cup dishes ($17), a 2-cup dish ($4.50), and a 4-cup dish ($10).

Silicone spoon spatula: essential kitchen tool


When I need to scoop, scrape, or stir, I reach for my silicone spoon spatula. It's got a steel interior to make it rigid (but springy), and is covered in silicone, which can handle 600 degrees F without burning. The surface is slightly textured so it doesn't slip out of my hand when I'm scraping out precious morsels of buttery pressure-cooked sweet potatoes from the cooker.

Also: it's skinny enough to fit in most jars, and cleans up with hot water and a wipedown.

It's the best $10 I've spent equipping my kitchen.

iSi Basics Silicone Spoon Spatula ($10)

Espresso cups that spark joy


I measured the Bialetti 06816 Bicchierini Espresso Cups using Marie Kondo's yardstick.* I'm keeping them.

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OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Measuring Cup Set

The sheer number of OXO products available and the variety of price points they are built to makes it inevitable that some of them will be duds. Indeed, over time it has become clear that the presence of the brand on an item does not necessarily guarantee good design or build quality. That said, I have found their Good Grips steel measuring cups to be a great success in both regards. After more than a year of daily use, I still can’t think of anything that would improve them.

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Tomato Shark tears through tomatoes

I have dozens of tools and gadgets in my kitchen. Years working in the restaurant and catering world left me with an inventory of items that I bought for this job or that party.

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Floppy Tube quickly pops skin off garlic

When you are pulling together a meal, anything you can do to minimize prep time up front — or more importantly, along the way — helps make things run more smoothly and cleanly.

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Useful kitchen tools from the previous homeowner

Author of the new book, Borg Like Me, Gareth Branwyn tells Cool Tools about the set of household tools he inherited from the former occupants of his house that have proven their usefulness and longevity over the years. In this episode of the Cool Tools Show he talks about what makes these tools so special and how we all can prepare to pass on our household’s best suited tools to the next generation of homeowners.

Tiny wearable camera, rubber band loom, Picklemeister [Gadgets 005]

In each episode of Gadgets the editors and friends of Boing Boing recommend technology they love and use. This time Xeni, Jason, and Mark talk about superior shoelace replacements, a rubber band loom, a wearable camera, a krautmaker, a handheld marine VHF radio, and a fitness tracker with a 1-year battery. Plus a great website for finding free fonts.Read the rest

Pizza stone, magic trick, game timer, hotel outlet adapter [Gadgets 004]

In each episode of Gadgets the editors and friends of Boing Boing recommend technology they love and use. This time Jason and Mark talk about the best chess timer for Scrabble players, a fantastic pizza stone, a compact 3-outlet adapter for hotel use, and a great magic trick for under $5. Plus, a website that converts PDFs to Kindle format.Read the rest

Kitchen hacks: a veggie spiralizer

I first got turned on to the Paderno plastic veggie spiralizer four years ago, during a raw vegan experimentation phase. One dish I enjoyed at restaurants and wanted to make at home: low-carb zucchini "noodles," which call for zucchini flesh to be cut into linguini-like strands, then "sweated" with salt to let go of excess water, then topped with raw marinara or pesto or whatever you dig. This plant pasta is great for your paleo pals, too.

I didn't own a food processor, and didn't feel like spending the money it would require to get a good one. But a frugal foodie friend suggested this particular spiralizer as a good place to start if I wasn't sure how serious I was about un-cooking. For 30-something bucks, it turned out to be a fine investment.

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