Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig answer the internet’s questions about them

Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig are the latest celebrities to tackle the always-entertaining Wired Autocomplete Interview. Read the rest

Kristen Wiig might play Steve Carell's love interest in Anchorman 2

While it doesn't even have a finished script yet, the makers of Anchorman 2 are already talking about adding Kristen Wiig to their cast because when you're making a sequel to Anchorman, you can do whatever you want. The Wrap has broken the story that Wiig might be brought on board to play a love interest for Steve Carell's weatherman Brick Tamland. No word yet on whether or not she will be 1. an idiot just like Brick or 2. the mother of his eleven children, and so far, she is the only new addition to the ensemble. A version of Wiig's apathetic "a-hole" character from Saturday Night Live would be a lovely fit, but a weird genius would also be pretty fun opposite Brick Tamland. Or a stalker, which Wiig has played in animated bunny form. But at least it looks like Brick might finally fall for something that is not an inanimate object, and that's really great news for him! I hope he knows what to do! (via The Wrap) Read the rest

Can't Kate McKinnon just be the one and only Kate McKinnon?

I love covering awesome comedians. I happen to have a soft spot for the lady ones since I have attempted to be a lady comedian myself. But you know what really gets my knickers in a twist? (And it's certainly not reserved for just women.) Calling someone the next "someone else." Today, the NY Post put up a very flattering piece about Saturday Night Live's newest female cast member, Kate McKinnon. And this is great! I love that she's getting positive press, and I'm not knocking the Post for giving the girl the props she deserves. But why do we have to call her "the next Kristen Wiig" when "Kate McKinnon" is awesome in her own right? We already have a Kristen Wiig, and she's great. But she makes movies now, so let's move on and let McKinnon be McKinnon. Read the rest