HP's new logo a hit

Flagging computer company HP hasn't had a great decade, but for the new Spectre laptop it reintroduced a daring minimalist logo that's been spotted once or twice before, but is only now hitting products. Everyone loves it! So do I.

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Why Google wants to look simpler

The new logo, announced yesterday, is undoubtedly more pleasant and contemporary than the old one. Margaret Rhodes writes that the company wants you to think that it is your go-everywhere friend.

Google needs to be able to transform its brand at will, because its canon of products is expanding rapidly. It’s not just that users now engage with the company on a “constellation of devices,” as the authors of the logo announcement page put it. As we saw at the I/O developer conference, Google is pushing to seamlessly guide users from one product to the next, with things like Google Now on Tap and voice search as the connective tissue that will bring it all together. For that to work, Google needs a crisp visual system. The new design helps, Clinton says, because the typeface is based largely on circles.

Glenn Fleishman writes that these simple scalable logos are simply bland.

At first glance, it seemed exceedingly bland to me; the longer I look at it and a new font that's related, the more I think they made a series of good choices. It's still bland, but it's a well-thought-out bland that makes sense for their company.

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Shredding company's awesome logo

Snapped yesterday near my flat in east London, this Irish shredding company's logo on the back of their truck. Talk about "does what it says on the tin!"

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London Sperm Bank logo

Why go with subtlety when you've got humour? Hell, throw in free cheques and a toaster and I'll switch banks tomorrow -- can't be any worse thank the greedy bastards at Barclay's.

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