Watch as World's Slowest Saw returns with viewer requests

What's left in life after creating the World's Slowest Saw? YouTuber DangerousAndAwesome took his dream to new heights with a battery pack, Arduino display, and a sinister scene where the saw cuts a rope in epic Damoclean fashion. Read the rest

Is this how the Escher Waterfall machine works?

Yesterday, I blogged about an anonymous YouTuber who appeared to have built a machine that could make Escher's impossible self-replenishing waterfall a concrete reality. David Goldman thinks he knows how it was done, and sent this diagram along.

(Thanks, David!)  Escher's impossible waterfall as Rube Goldberg device - Boing Boing MC Escher panorama - Boing Boing Escher lizard paving-stones - Boing Boing Escher-esque watch-dials - Boing Boing HOWTO make Escher-like Droste photos - Boing Boing Read the rest