Random NSA program generator, with denials

The NSA-O-Matic generates eerily plausible leaked NSA programs at the click of a mouse, including non-denial denials from NSA shills and spokesjerks. For example "STUMPVIEW, a searchable database that bugs conversations within earshot of laptop microphones. Senator Dianne Feinstein assured the public that the program discards information as soon it is determined to be irrelevant." It's hosted on Github and ready for your forking and contributions. Read the rest

Pentagon Papers mashed with Star Wars

Mope points us to Brian Joseph Davis's The Pentagon Papers (Star Wars version): "Three hundred pages of The Pentagon Papers adapted with over 600 names, place names, and concepts from the Star Wars mythos. Hard sci-fi for bureaucrats."
"THE LINE OF CONTAINMENT" AND "THE DOMINO THEORY" The logic of this shift in Empire policy is found not only in the direct threat to Southeast Far Galaxy posed by Jedi Dagobah (and the Sith), but also in the broader strategic concept of a line of containment, and in the early articulation of what later became known as the "domino theory." Discussion of the line of containment centered about where that line was to be drawn: Alderaan, and, later, Hoth, fell on the free side of that line. The domino theory as applied to Alderaan reinforced the decision of where to draw the line of containment.

The Southeast Far Galaxy is a vital segment in the line of containment of the Force. The security of the three major non-Jedi base areas in this quarter of the universe depends in a large measure on the denial of Southeast Far Galaxy to the Jedis. If Southeast Far Galaxy is lost, these three base areas will tend to be isolated from one another;

d. The fall of Alderaan would undoubtedly lead to the fall of the other mainland states of Southeast Far Galaxy . e. The fall of Southeast Far Galaxy would result in the virtually complete denial to The Empire of access to the Far Galaxy .

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