RIP John Severson, Surfer Magazine founder

John Severson, the iconic figure of surfing media, has died at age 83. His 1961 film Big Wednesday is arguably the greatest of the early surf films, part of a lifetime of innovations in surf media. Read the rest

RIP Popular Photography, 1937-2017

Eighty years after its founding as one of the first prosumer publications for the then-expensive hobby of photography, Popular Photography is ceasing both print and online operations following the next issue. Read the rest

Amazing Stories: The Giant 35th Anniversary Issue, reprinted

Amazing Stories: The Giant 35th Anniversary Issue is a new reprint of a classic 1961 issue of the highly-influential science fiction magazine started in 1926 by Hugo Gernsback. It's just $4 for Kindle and $9 in paperback! Read the rest

Front Page Detective cover: "LSD, A New Religion"

What an utterly fantastic cover for the July 1967 issue of Front Page Detective magazine, up for auction on eBay. Read the rest

Art magazine designed for easy re-use as giftwrap

The appositely named Wrapper art magazine is designed to be disassembled after reading and re-used as wrapping paper and stationery:
We have also altered our format a little since issue one, so Wrap is now bigger than before with a harder cover. We've had the back cover perforated so it can become a set of 8 notecards to match all the prints inside and all the sheets are only folded over once, so they're kept as neat and flat as possible, ready for when you need to pull them out and wrap up a present!
The Wrapper (via Neatorama) Read the rest