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WATCH: Glassmaster Paul Stankard on glassblowing artistry

Paul Stankard's impossibly beautiful handblown glass pieces look impossible to create. In Beauty Beyond Nature, he discusses the craft while working in his studio.

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How to make a simple electronic musical instrument

The Friendstrument is an electronic musical instrument that you play by touching your friend. Mark Frauenfelder describes an easy creative project that anyone can complete in a few hours.Read the rest

DIY AT-AT cat house

Would you like to make your own felt cat house in the shape of a Star Wars AT-AT? First, you'll need a cat. [The Owner Build Network. Thanks, Heather!]

Jimmy DiResta makes an oval mirror frame

In each episode of DiResta (every other Wednesday), artist and master builder Jimmy DiResta (Dirty Money, Hammered, Against the Grain, Trash for Cash) lets MAKE into his workshop, to look over his shoulder while he builds whatever strikes his fancy.

In this episode Jimmy whips out a beautiful oak-framed mirror. He doesn't spray paint it with his name as he normally does with what he makes, but he does manage to work a DiResta tag in there anyway. And watch for the simple, but clever way he scribes the oval for the template.

MAKE is now on the iPad

For the past 10 years, MAKE has been a quarterly magazine (I'm the editor-in-chief). The year, we've introduced three big changes: One, we've changed our format from digest-ish sized to full size. (Larger photos!) Two, we've increased the frequency from quarterly to bi-monthly. And three, we are offering MAKE on the iPad!

The MAKE iPad app helps you boost your builds by offering an interactive, immersive version of our magazine to guide your projects and inspire you in the workshop. It has everything you’ll find in our pages and more.

In each digital issue you’ll find:
• Full project build notes
• Video tutorials and skill builders
• Detailed photos
• 360º viewable renders
• Maker profiles and interviews

A one-year subscription is just $20.

MAKE on iPad

RiYL podcast 034: Mark Frauenfelder

Recommended if You Like is Boing Boing's weekly podcast of Brian Heater's cafe conversations with musicians, cartoonists, writers, and other creative types.

The Boing Boing / Make Magazine / Cool Tools editor and I found the quietest corner we could at the recent Engadget Expand event in New York to discuss the importance of curation in the digital age, the lost art of print media, podcasting and the magic of Art Bell.

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Mark's live Interview with MakerBot's Bre Pettis on Monday, 9/16

Join me this Monday for a MAKE Special Event: a live Google Hangout with Bre Pettis, co-founder of MakerBot, the 3D printer company. We will discuss the latest technologies being developed by MakerBot, including the new digitizer and more!

Mark's live Interview with MakerBot's Bre Pettis on Monday, 9/16 at 12:30pm ET

Jimmy DiResta makes a stamped wallet [video]

[Video Link]Stett Holbrook of Make says: "In each episode of DiResta (every other Wednesday at 2pm PT), artist and master builder Jimmy DiResta (Dirty Money, Hammered, Against the Grain, Trash for Cash) lets us into his workshop, to look over his shoulder while he builds whatever strikes his fancy. On this episode of DiResta, Jimmy makes a smart leather wallet that he stamped with a piece of Lexan.–Stett Holbrook."

I learn something new every time I watch Jimmy make stuff. This time, I learned about adding snaps to leather.

Building a 15-foot-tall brain-controlled brain for Burning Man and beyond

My cousin Katherine Leipper is part of a crew that's building a 15-foot-tall head and brain with interactive light and flame effects that will be controlled by a participant's brain waves.

Yup. Weirdness runs in our family.

She and her co-makers will take it to Burning Man, but the bigger plan is to take it around to schools after the festival, "to get kids excited about science, technology and fabrication."

Katherine and her brain-building buddies have a crowdsourcing campaign under way. They're well on their way, but if you love 15-foot-tall brain-controlled brains like I love 15-foot-tall brain-controlled brains, and you think America's children need more 15-foot-tall brain-controlled brains in their classrooms because SCIENCE, you should kick in a little to ensure this weird dream comes true.

Katherine explains the wild idea to Boing Boing, below:

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Google Glass privacy hack

[Video Link] Matt Richardson from MAKE says: "As a newly-inducted member of the Google Glass Explorer Program, I was very concerned about the privacy implications of Google’s new wearable computer. But with just $10 in materials, I was able to make a quick hack to alleviate my own concerns. I don’t want to totally ruin the surprise for you, so just hit play on the video above to get the details."

The making of a MAKE cover

MAKE projects editor Sean Ragan wrote about the making of the cover of our special issue of MAKE.

After many hours of prep work, the lights were ready, the cameras were ready, the coil was ready, and ArcAttack front man Joe DiPrima was suited up center-stage in his grounded metal armor. Hackerspace staff, members, friends, and friends of friends were gathered around, in the back, waiting for the show. The house lights went out.

And the sparks, literally, began to fly.

Shooting the ArcAttack Cover

How To: Make a cloud chamber

David Ng has a great guide to building your very own sub-atomic-particle-spotting device.

MAKE Vol 32 is here!

The new issue of MAKE magazine has hit the stands! Volume 32 has lots of cool projects and articles. The cover story is a profile of prop maker Shawn Thorrson, who makes amazing science fiction costumes with a vacu-form system in his workshop. The issue also includes an interview with Arduino co-creator Massimo Banzi, an introduction to industrial design by Bob Knetzger, a profile of famous toy and game designer Marvin Glass (Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, Mousetrap, Operation), a BeagleBone tutorial, a feature about the rocket industry in the Mojave Desert, and a profile of Dezso Molnar, creator of a motorcycle gyrocopter.

MAKE Vol 32

Join MAKE editors for live Google+ hangout, Oct 23

Stett Holbrook says:

MAKE magazine’s latest issue goes on sale tomorrow and to mark the event, MAKE editors, designers, and contributing writers will participate in a Google+ hangout on air tomorrow, Oct. 23, at 2pm Pacific Standard Time to give readers a behind-the-scenes look at the magazine and how it came together. Log on to watch and post comments at The hangout is the first of a series of MAKE editor hangouts.

Volume 32 focuses on design and is a packed with great stuff. The new issue includes:

Twelve pages on master costume maker Shawn Thorsson.

An interview with Arduino creator Massimo Banzi by Dale Dougherty.

An appreciation of toy designer Marvin Glass.

Dezso Molnar’s quest to build a flying motorcycle.

The debut of MAKE: Believe, a new video series on the people who turn fantasy into reality. This one features toy sculptor Scott Hensey. Plans for nearly two dozen projects.

We’ll also be discussing our just-finished, first-in-the-world (that we know of) buyers guide to 3D printers. It’s a MAKE special issue that comes out next month. You’re gonna love it.

Join MAKE editors for Llve Google+ hangout, Oct 23

MAKE Weekend Projects - Monkey Couch Guardian

I invented the Monkey Couch Guardian, and wrote a how-to so you can build one, too.

Combine an Arduino with a proximity sensor, and make an obnoxious device to discourage cats and other fur-shedding pets from jumping on beds and couches. This project will also introduce you to the SPDT relay, a fundamental component of hobbyist electronics projects.
Monkey Couch Guardian: complete instructions

Homebrew Nintendo laser zapper is powerful, awesome

"The plan was simple. Take a nostalgic NES "duck hunt" Zapper, and retrofit it with a ridiculously powerful laser."

A project from North Street Labs. In case it's not obvious, this is dangerous, and could lead to death or blindness without safety precautions.

Components: "2.1A input buck driver, 2x 750mAh 35-70c Lipo batteries, M140 445nm diode, G2 lens. homemade custom heat-sink, turn key safety switch."

Learn how to build your own, here. But remember, kids, always wear protective safety goggles. And, wear the right kind for the laser you're working with. [Video Link].

Stacking metal lunchbox made from tuna cans

[Video Link] Here's an ingenious makeshift jig for forming tuna cans into a stacking metal lunchbox.

How-To: Stacking bins from tuna cans with cool improvised jig

MAKE founder Dale Dougherty profiled on CNN

[Video Link] MAKE founder Dale Dougherty was profiled on a recent episode of CNN's The Next List, hosted by Sanjay Gupta.

Dale Dougherty is the founder of MAKE Magazine and Maker Faire. He believes in a simple idea: that we all have potential to be makers. He is passionate about creating a generation who are creative, innovative, curious, and making things to improve our world.
See part 2

Special "Kids Summer Fun Guide" issue of MAKE on sale for $5

[Video Link] For today only, MAKE magazine is offering a special deal on its "Kids Summer Fun Guide" issue. You get the print issue (includes 3D glasses to view the 3D images) plus a PDF of the issue for immediate download.

This Summer Fun Guide is brimming with over 50 projects for kids of all ages. You'll also find inspiring young maker profiles, as well as tool reviews written for and by kids! Plus, it's our 3D issue, complete with 3D glasses and tons of super-cool 3D photos. Look for it in the Maker Shed and on newsstands all summer long!

Special "Kids Summer Fun Guide" issue of MAKE on sale for $5

Maker Faire live video

I'm here at Maker Faire in San Mateo. If you aren't one of the 100,000 people here to celebrate The Greatest Show (and tell) on Earth, you can still experience it through our Maker Faire Live site, with five different video feeds. Gareth Branwyn and I will be interviewing makers on the Fishbowl Camera feed. Join in on the fun by tweeting with the #makerfaire hash tag.


The ShopBot is a low-cost CNC, or computer controlled router. Think of it as a large-scale milling machine. It is great for small-scale production runs of machine parts in wood or metal. A friend of mine used his ShopBot to cut the gears and mechanism (other than the chime) for a full-scale replica of a grandfather's Clock. ShopBots (and their kin) can also fabricate extremely detailed 3D contour maps (whole cities!), and other intricate 3D surfaces.

We have one at the design school I teach at. It can cut anything programmable like the hull plates for a full scale sailboat. On a big boat, each plate of the hull is different shape, but the ShopBot just follows its orders and spits them out ready to install. It is very accurate. Hey, you can even equip it with a pen or the like, which permits very intricate drawings. The cheapest Shopbot is the small Shop Bot Desktop for $5,000. They are getting cheaper every year, but if you only need one occasionally, you can buy time on one at shared workshops like Techshop.

-- J. Baldwin

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Make: Talk 009 - AnnMarie Polsenberg Thomas, Squishy Circuits

Here's the 9th episode of MAKE's podcast, Make: Talk! In each episode, I interview one of the makers featured in the magazine.

Our maker interview this week is with AnnMarie Polsenberg Thomas. She's the director of the Design Laboratory at the University of St. Thomas. Prior to that AnnMarie was a faculty member at Art Center College of Design. She's one of the most playful professors I know -- she created a course called The Science of the Circus and she actually learned to juggle and perform circus stunts. She's designed underwater robots and she also is the creator of something called Squishy Circuits, which she talks about in the interview.

Before the interview with AnnMarie, I chat with MAKE's senior editor, Goli Mohammadi (left), about the special monkey she received in the mail this week.

Upvote button

Make your upvote really count with this delightful USB Upvote Button box, created by Chris Krueger as a tangible accompaniment to the Reddit Enhancement Suite. [via MAKE]