Maker Update: the best DIY projects of the week

In Donald Bell's latest Maker Update video, he looks at acoustic levitation, an Arduino made by Sony, a new kit by Anouk Wipprecht, self-centering drill bits, and a turning old monitors into a video wall. See show notes here. Read the rest

Adam Savage made a good drafting compass out of coat hanger wire and a paper clip

Yesterday Adam Savage tweeted: "Doing some mechanical drawing in the house, but I didn't have a compass. So I made my own using a coat hanger in a paperclip!" Read the rest

Securing the IoT: a tele-dildo controlled through the Tor network

Security researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis wanted to demonstrate that the horrific stories of insecure networked sex-toys (and other Internet of Things devices) was the result of manufacturers' negligence, not the intrinsic limitations of information security. Read the rest

This clip-on desk lamp is good for makers and crafters

This LED clip-on light plugs into a supplied USB charger. It has an adjustable arm and has variable color and brightness settings. It looks great for illuminating your workbench. It's on sale on Amazon today for $16. Amazon reviewers give it 4.5 stars and it has an A rating on Fakespot. Read the rest

Watch Jimmy DiResta make a leather camera holder

In Jimmy Diresta latest video, he makes a case for his camera from a piece of leather. He molds the leather around a wooden form, uses a special kind of fork to make the stitching holes, adds a snap button, and tools it with a pattern. It looks great. Read the rest

Make: a small-apartment-sized storage table from Ikea magazine boxes

Jules Yap takes to Ikeahackers to describe how you can use four Knuff magazine boxes to form a storage-top for a small-apartment-sized coffee table, using an Ikea stool for your base. Read the rest

A walking volcanic poop-bot

Omorobo's Dorodorobos are robots that "sprinkle mud from their heads, face them all around, and dirty them." (via JWZ) Read the rest

Kickstarting a Bondic, handheld UV-curing plastic "3D printer"

I first tried Bondic in 2015, when I ordered a tube of the UV-curing plastic and started using it to fix everything -- especially irregularly-fractured items with hard-to-fill gaps. Read the rest

Escaping prison with D&D

"Escaping Prison with Dungeons & Dragons" is a moving, 10-minute documentary about prisoners who used tabletop role-playing games to survive their incarceration. Read the rest

The World's Largest Super Soaker

The World's Largest Super Soaker is 7 feet long, squirts water at 272 miles per hour, and should not be fired at anyone ever.

Read the rest

The EU's Right to Repair proposal makes America's look weaksauce

Eight US states are trying to pass minimal Right to Repair legislation that would require companies not to actively confound people who wanted to fix their stuff or choose an independent repair center. But in the EU, Europeans' strong preference for "durable, high-quality products that can be repaired and upgraded" has led to a proposal to require goods sold in Europe to be designed for improvement and maintenance, on the lines of the inspiring and enduring Maker's Bill of Rights. Read the rest

Look at this spaceship bunk bed a dad made for his kid

It took Pete Dearing 100 hours to build this rocket ship bunk bed from blueprints he purchased online. His kids love it.

From Sarah Vitak's story in Make:

Most of the buttons control real lights, sounds, fans, meters, and headlights. All the sounds are controlled via Raspberry Pi. Plus, Dearing wired in a couple sets of headphones with mics, so that the kids can communicate with each other just like real space explorers!

Even though it’s a rocket ship, the bunk bed has transformed into everything from a bus to a submarine during playtime. When asked if he gets to help pilot the ship, Dearing says, “Of course! I can’t fit into the cockpit easily, but I still get to wear headphones and join in.”

Read the rest

An electric fence to keep snails out of your vegetable garden

Here's a vegetable gardener who didn't want to share his bounty with slugs and snails, so he strung an electric barrier around the perimeter of his raised bed garden. Anytime a voracious mollusk attempts to enter the garden, it must first crawl over a pair of electrified wires, where it receives a mild shock sufficient to thwart its plans.

The gardener has kindly posted instructions for others interested in making a 9 volt electric snail/slug fence. Read the rest

You can build this world’s tiniest Game Boy Color clone

A fellow who goes by the name [c.invent] designed and built this open-source keychain-sized multi-platform emulation console, called the Keymu. It uses an Intel Edison (a computer-on-module). a 1.5-inch OLED display, and 11.7mm speaker, and a 220 mAh lithium battery, all inside a 3D printed clamshell case. You can learn how to make your own at Hackaday.

Read the rest

Steampunk, Arduino-powered electro-mechanical clock

Redditor/machinist Spdltd was commissioned to create a steampunk, Arduino-powered electromechanical clock that uses a combination of belts, dials and needles arrayed across the wall to tell the time. Read the rest

3D print your own Haunted Mansion sign

On Thingiverse, Gentlegiant's beautiful, faithful model of the Haunted Mansion front-gate sign to 3D print at any size or remix into your other designs. Read the rest

Kickstarting maker-kits for kids based on conductive play-doh

Technology Will Save Us (previously) have fully funded their Dough Universe Kickstarter, maker kits for kids that combine conductive play-doh ("electro-dough") with simple components like motors and switches with apps that make it all programmable. Read the rest

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