Marti Noxon is developing an ensemble comedy for Showtime

One of my favorite writers of film and television, Marti Noxon, is developing an ensemble comedy for Showtime. And here is the extra fun part, for those of us who like to watch funny women on television: that ensemble will be comprised of female humans! Following in the footsteps of other woman-led Showtime offerings -- Weeds, The Big C, Nurse Jackie, The United States of Tara -- Noxon's show, titled Guide to Divorce, features a "semi-autobiographical" premise about a group of 40something women getting used to life after marriage, including their saucy, saucy post-divorce sexual happenings. (This is Showtime, after all.) Deadline is unfairly calling it "Sex and the City 2.0," because any show involving an ensemble of approximately three or more women who have sexual intercourse must surely be a ripoff of Sex and the City. While she did work on estrogen-driven dramas like Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy, Noxon's cred runs the gamut from straight drama (Mad Men, Prison Break) to supernatural dramedy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Fright Night). I think Guide to Divorce might be more than meets the eye, and is definitely something to be excited about. (via Deadline) Read the rest

If there is anyone who can save M. Night Shyamalan from himself, it's Marti Noxon

Here is some excellent news that I promise is excellent, just wait for the second part: M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, and let's leave it there) is coming to television, developing a supernatural drama series for Syfy called Proof. And here is that second part that should have many of us very psyched: he will co-write this project with Marti Noxon, former writer, producer, and showrunner of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, screenwriter of the Fright Night remake (which was excellent), and trusted confidante of Joss Whedon. Tell me this woman isn't the perfect person to team with a guy who once wrote really good suspense and then veered off into Crap Town. Read the rest