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EFF and Everything is a Remix want you to ask the Copyright Office for the right to remix

Hughillustration sez, "Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, video artists who break the encryption on a DVD or sample online steaming videos could face legal threats - even if the video they create is considered fair use. We think that's nuts. Kirby Ferguson, creator of Everything is a Remix, is standing with the Electronic Frontier Foundation in fighting for the right to create remix videos. Please sign Kirby's letter below and stand up for the rights of video artists."

Dear Ms. Pallante,

From high school students creating videos for classroom assignments to activists and journalists sampling videos for political commentary, remix videos offer creative ways to educate, empower, entertain, and politicize people around the world.

But this creative expression is threatened by legal uncertainty. Three years go, the Copyright Office agreed to create an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act so that creators could break DVD encryption to sample video clips. But that exemption is about to expire, opening up the possibility of legal threats against video artists like us.

Please defend our right to remix videos and grant the exemptions proposed. Renew the exemption that lets video artists break encryption on DVDs in order to use video clips in primarily noncommercial videos. And please go one step further and extend those rights to cover Internet videos, like paid downloads and streaming videos not available on DVD. The Internet is fast becoming the major medium for video, and video often appears on Internet services long before -- or instead of -- a DVD release...

Rip. Mix. Make. (Thanks, Hughillustration!)

SOPA/PIPA mashup: how much Hollywood money did your lawmaker take? Name and shame with fellow voters

With PIPA off the legislative calendar and SOPA paused, this tool may seem a bit redundant, but it's a nice piece of advocacy work. Creator Jonathan Vanasco sez, "I tossed together a mashup over a few hours while sick on the couch. It uses the data from Propublica and SunlightLabs to create very-shareable profile pages for every Senator and Representative that were geared for 'viral': - language is designed to motivate people to read and share - leverages all the Facebook and Twitter tools to increase ranking - text and graphics are optimized for Facebook sharing, educating users about the issue and how much lobbyist money may be influencing things - automatic twitter suggestions for tweets with likely-to-share language ie: - challenge a senator to give back $x in media contributions - notes if a senator has received more media contributions than 50% of other senators - asks a senator how much money is needed for them to represent people, not lobbyists."

Hi. My name is Dianne Feinstein. (Thanks, Jonathan!)

The Thing, starring Pingu

Lee Hardcastle's claymation remake of John Carpenter's The Thing starring the popular children's character Pingu is a work of sheer, demented genius, and well worth the two minutes of your life needed to appreciate it.

Pingu's THE THING (via JWZ)

Dr Seuss meets the Joker

DrFaustusAu, the DeviantArt member who created the fabulous Cthulhu and Ghostbusters Dr Seuss mashups, is back with this great Joker-by-Seuss mashup.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Arkham Asylum (via Super Punch)

Shufflin' grandpa -- country dance meets electronic music

Jason Kottke rounds up a series of YouTube clips of "old styles of dancing set to contemporary music" including this Shufflin' Grandpa doing fast-footed country dancing with a dubstep contemporary electronic soundtrack.

Shufflin' grandpa

Santastic Six: killer mashups for the holidays

djBC has released the sixth Santastic collection, a set of holiday mashups from some of the greatest sonic plunderers in the world (earlier efforts). As always, the Santastic mixes are fantastic. If you want my favorites, try Divide and Kreate's Santatage (MP3) (mashing Otis Redding vs The Beastie Boys vs Run DMC); ATOM's Wonderland Walker (MP3) (mashing Peggy Lee vs Fats Domino vs Bjork); and djBC's Mashing Christmas (MP3) (mashing Danny Elfman vs The Supremes vs Jimmy Stewart).

Santastic Six: 100% Holiday Mashups and Remixes (Thanks, djBC!)

If Ghostbusters was a Dr Seuss book

DrFaustusAU, whom you'll remember from this autumn's Dr Seuss meets Cthulhu mashup, is back at the drawing table, with There Goes A Gozerian, Ghostbuster: a reimagining of Ghostbusters as a Dr Seuss book.

There Goes A Gozerian, Ghostbuster (via Super Punch)

Ho, ho, ho, well if it isn't fat stinking billygoat Billyboy?

The Casual Pepper-Spraying Cop has found his niche: he's a droog, and he's up for a bit of the old ultra-aerosol.

Droogs (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

Every Beatles song ever, all played at once: All Together Now

All Together Now - Everything the Beatles ever did. by ramjac

Ramjac, a British DJ, has produced a mashup of the whole Beatles catalogue. Ramjac's mix, "All Together Now," layers every single Beatles song atop one another, in reverse order of length, so that for the first few seconds, all you hear is "Revolution 9" (the longest song in the songbook), then "Hey Jude" atop it, and "She's So Heavy," and then more and more, until it crashes all together at the last note, with 226 tracks all colliding.

It's more conceptually interesting than musically enjoyable. Hank Handy's 40-track Beatles mashup is a better choice if that's what you're after.

ramjac's sounds on SoundCloud (via DVICE)

Inglourious Animals: Fantastic Mr Fox/Inglorious Basterds mashup

"Inglourious Animals" is a rather clever and well-done mashup of footage from Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox and Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds, mostly using the former's footage and the latter's soundtrack.

Inglourious Animals trailer (via Kottke)

Wall Street Spirit

Musician Dan Bull (YouTube) created this rap mix of Radiohead's Street Spirit to honor the protests in New York and elsewhere. "I made the song because I believe the monetary system needs to be reviewed, and the peaceful nature of the protests inspired me to get involved," he writes. "Being in the UK I couldn't attend in person, so I thought I'd attend musically instead."

Teletubby/The Ring mashup

This unsourced bit of depicting the girl from The Ring climbing out of Po the Teletubby's screen is freaky in the extreme.

(via Neatorama)

Biggie Smalls the Tank Engine (Note: delectable language)

Video Link (NSFW Audio). Previously: Thomas the Tank Engine's ultraviolence.

Cookie Monster performs Tom Waits's "God's Away on Business"

This YouTube mashup of Tom Waits's creepy polka "God's Away on Business" with Cookie Monster clips is just great -- Cookie Monster dances exactly the same way I do when Tom Waits is playing. Plus they have the same voice!

Tom Waits/Cookie Monster mashup - God's Away On Business (Thanks, Matt!)

Lessig Sings the Blues: "Walden Pond Blues"

Here's a great mashup of a Larry Lessig riff on Thoreau and political transparency, mixed with a slow, soulful blues, to excellent effect. "Walden Pond Blues" was mixed by Admiral Bob, who performs the music under a CC-BY license.

Walden Pond Blues

MP3 Link

(Thanks, Blooflame!)

(Image: Lawrence Lessig, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from joi's photostream & Skip James, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from pappipearse's photostream))