Watch: I was Ronald McDonald


From 1995 to 2007, Joe Maggard was Ronald McDonald. "The clown is right in there. The clown is ready to go." Read the rest

Brandishing the Olympic Torch

Photo: Zoelee Read the rest

Official McDonalds three-piece suit

Attention Williamsburg! This fabulous brown polyster three-piece suit, a deadstock McDonalds management uniform from 1976, could be yours for $999.95. [eBay] Read the rest

The food of champions

England's Football Association embodies the nation's most popular sport. To promote fitness and good health, it provides these splendid awards to schools that offer adequate soccer programs. I'd ask if you could spot the mistake, but I think this may be one of those "honor the error as a hidden intention" dealies—a tragic fact echoed by star player Rio Ferdinand's endorsement deal with a tobacco company. [via Ben Goldacre and Huw G] Read the rest

Million Dollar Menu (NSFW)

Buckwheat Groats' Million Dollar Menu is even better than Shira Miss Muffin's classic Pound On My Muffin. [Hat tip to John Biggs, who has also been having fun with telemarketers lately] Read the rest

Gigantic queue for first Moscow McDonald's, 1990

The opening in McDonald's in Moscow in 1990 was (at the time, anyway), a symbol of significant reforms to the Soviet system. Though in true Soviet style, a breadline stretching for blocks immediately formed in front of it.

Queue to first McDonalds in Moscow in 1990 (via How to Be a Retronaut) Read the rest