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Kid's guide to Minecraft

On Something Awful, Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka's seven-year-old daughter Lauren has a guide to Minecraft for budding players and pros alike:

A Seven-Year Old's Guide to Minecraft (Mindcraft 3?)

New features for working 8-bit Minecraft computer

The RedPower Minecraft project, which has built a programmable 8-bit computer for Minecraft, has done a new release. Engadget's Mat Smith sums up the new features: "The system is made from three separate cubes, representing the CPU, monitor and disk drive, respectively, all connected by ribbon cables. Part of pre-release 5 of the RedPower 2 mod, programmer Eloraam has also thrown in pumps and solar panels to keep crafters busy -- you're no longer limited to light switches. The emulated 8-bit processor can interact with other Minecraft blocks and while the computer can be programmed alone, its creator has been kind enough to include a Forth interpreter alongside the hardware, for those looking to get a little more involved."

RedPower 2 Prerelease 5 (for Minecraft 1.2.5) (via Engadget)

Minecraft heads to consoles

Mojang's massive explore-em-up is now available for Xbox 360.

Minecraft casemod delights progeny

mama_faelynn writes, "My husband and I made an Epic Minecraft CaseMod for our 8 year old. 1200 1/2" blocks, weeks of time, flashing harddrive creeper eyes, our kid is over the MOON!"

Minecraft casemod (Thanks, mama_faelynn!)

Walt Disney World in Minecraft, with working rides

TheRealDuckie (and friends) is working on a complete, functional replica of Walt Disney World in Minecraft, and has posted an update to Reddit. The Magic Kingdom is largely down, with the rides all ridable, and working restaurants. Epcot is underway. The files are available as free downloads.

This project started on the Reddit Creative Server and was later moved to It took us 4 months of work and over 25 Cast Members to finish. We have recently started on EPCOT and will be continuing the resorts soon. As each park is finished we will release another download. As always, these downloads are free. We seek no monetary gain.

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom - Finished! + EPCOT started (w/ world download) ( (Thanks, Dave!)

Scientific calculator in Minecraft

SgtGodswordBerserker has implemented a multi-function scientific calculator using Minecraft, a project that echoes the earlier projects to build a CPU and a 3D printer using the game engine and its primitives.

Specs: 6 digit addition and subtraction, 3 digit multiplication, division and trigonometric/scientific functions. (The reason these are only 3 digits is because multiplication and division would take a long time to decode/complete/encode. Also, the fraction display is hard enough to build for 3 digits, let alone 6 - 6 digit RAM would not only be massive, but a bit pointless since the curves follow the same pattern surrounding the peaks.). Graphing y=mx+c functions, quadratic functions, and equation solving of the form mx+c=0.

The screen and keypad were always meant to be the main feature of this machine. The main display boasts 25 digits. Square root signs are displayed and can change to accommodate any number of digits. Square root signs, add, minus, multiply and divide signs are displayed at appropriate times, and there is a full fraction display. The 7-segments for the fractions are the smallest possible, being only 3 wide, and stackable vertically and horizontally.

...The calculator itself is just over 250x200x100 blocks. It contains 2 6-digit BCD number selectors, 2 BCD-to-binary decoders, 3 binary-to-BCD decoders, 6 BCD adders and subtractors, a 20 bit (output) multiplier, 10 bit divider, a memory bank and additional circuitry for the graphing function.

Minecraft Scientific/Graphing calculator - Sin Cos Tan Log Square root (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

In Minecraft, a fountain of cats at the top of the world

271kochu created a "fountain of cats" in Minecraft by building a structure that extended to the top of the world, then exploiting the game's simple flocking rules for virtual cats to entice the sprites to form a never-ending fountain that is a joy to behold.

Catsplosion (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

Official Lego Minecraft set ships this summer

This summer, Lego will ship an official Minecraft "Micro World" set, with blocks designed to look like the primitives used for construction in the popular game/virtual playset.

Help Steve survive his first night in a strange new world. Avoid the creeper and start mining for resources that will help you survive and thrive. Configure your four micro-scale LEGO Minecraft modules any way you like. Build your own mines and hills, and expand your world with multiple sets. Includes four LEGO Minecraft modules, hidden resources, extra pieces for wood, dirt, and stone, two "Micro Mobs;" Steve and a creeper.

J!NX : Minecraft LEGO Exclusive

Minecraft chunk error in real life

Minecraft's defiantly unrealistic style notwithstanding, players appreciate the game's internal consistency and get frustrated at certain failures of verisimilitude. Chunk errors, for example, are squared-off seams in the world caused by glitches in the landscape-generation algorithm. Right out of the annals of reality is unrealistic comes Roraima Mountain, a pleasing reminder that you are living in a simulation and Notch is God. [Speculative Nonfiction. Thanks, Michael!]

Faithfully replicating a World of Warcraft realm in Minecraft at 1:1 scale

Here's a MMO-Champion thread in which Ramsesakama sets out to recreate the World of Warcraft realm of Kalimdor in the maker-friendly game/environment Minecraft, in faithful 1:1 scale. Using procedural tools and a lot of skull-sweat, the task is undertaken, with awfully fabulous results.

I'm trying to create a replica of Kalimdor in Minecraft, and I want it to be the correct scale. I'd like to create the terrain first, so I need to compute the relative distances (in Minecraft blocks) between the different locations in Kalimdor.

If a Minecraft character is approximately two blocks tall, and if we assume the male Orc model is equal in size, then how many blocks is "one yard" in WoW?

Thread: WoW to Minecraft coordinate space conversion (via Wonderland)

Ending an endless game: an interview with Julian Gough, author of Minecraft's epic finale

Born in 1966, raised in Galway on the west coast of Ireland, and now resident in Berlin, Julian Gough has been many things: lyricist and singer for cult Irish rock band Toasted Heretic; author of the novels Juno & Juliet, Jude: Level 1 and most recently Jude in London; poet, playwright and polemicist.

Read the rest

Mineways: turn Minecraft creations into 3D prints

Mineways is a tool that converts your Minecraft creations into 3D files that can be sent to the 3D printing bureau Shapeways, who will print them out in color plastic and send them to you. The tool itself is free/open and there's C/C++ source for you to download.

There are already over 1900 Minecraft tagged items on show, for sale or download in the Shapeways gallery and we are expecting to see many, many more as the game engine, makes 3D modelling fun and accessible to thousands of people. Minecraft and Mineways may end up being a great stepping stone to 3DTin which has a comparable base architecture or Tinkercad which may also be intuitive to those who enter 3D modelling via Minecraft.

Mineways : 3D Print Your Minecraft Model

(Image: Designing Christmas Decoration in Minecraft, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from postapocalyptic's photostream)


Minecraft developer Markus "Notch" Persson entered rapid game-dev competition Ludum Dare, which provides just 48 hours to see a project from inception to completion. One must start from scratch, but Notch went even further, livecasting every second of the process and blogging the milestones. The result was Minicraft, a stripped-down 2D version of the megahit.

It has crafting, exploring and fighting, all built around familiar toolsets, ores and beasties. The third dimension is replaced by levels, in the manner of a traditional roguelike, and the player has an objective: to find the Air Wizard and kill him, thereby letting the game meet the competition theme of "Alone." Minicraft is hardcore, too, with no save feature and a good hour or two of play ahead of you to get there.

A spectacular achievement in just a few hours of coding, Minicraft casts the same spell as the real thing. It does, however, suffer from shallowness and grind. There's not much to do except plow through the process of emptying each level in search of better ores. And if there's a way to place blocks (i.e. build things) I couldn't find it. But it's free and the source is right there, so who's complaining?

Play Minicraft

Game Boy Super Mario recreated with 18 million Minecraft blocks

A trio of Ur-nerds have recreated the Game Boy's Super Mario Land using Minecraft. They laid 18 million blocks to accomplish the feat. It took 500 hours.

Each image is a masterpiece in block placement, dropping dyed wool blocks in the game's creative mode within the frame of a massive Game Boy created in the virtual world. The Game Boy's screen is 160 blocks across and 144 blocks tall. That means it takes 23,040 blocks to fill the screen, each representing a single pixel in the game.

James Wright, a 21-year-old British carpenter who lives in England, and Joe Ciappa, an unemployed 29-year-old living in the U.S...

About that time another player, 29-year-old Tempusmori, who lives in the Netherlands, had the idea to make a full-sized, 1:1 Game Boy in Minecraft.

"The Game Boy allowed us to pretty much recreate any original Game Boy game," he said...

"What you see is 100 percent Minecraft," Wright said. "Every pixel on the screen is one wool block. The screen itself is on a giant Game Boy. We build each screen take a screenshot from above. After the picture we move everything that needs moving for the next screen and repeat."

Three Guys, 18 Million Blocks, One Unbelievable Minecraft Video

Hacking carbon emissions into Minecraft

James Smith's entry to the Stockholm Green Hackathon was a Minecraft mod that adds carbon emissions to the game, which revolves around resource extraction and use:

When you burn some wood in a furnace, the mod calls out to AMEEconnect to do a calculation, and adds the result to a tracker in-game. As the carbon ticks up, the environment gets more and more polluted as the skies go dark and the clouds come down. OK, not entirely accurate, but an effective visual indicator!

Of course, it’s not just wood. Loads of things burn, and not just in furnaces. The hack supports combustion of almost anything in minecraft; wood, planks, coal, tree saplings, and so on. I even put in some calculations for setting fire to cows (as any Minecraft player knows, an effective way to quickly get cooked beef). Even the hostile mobs like creepers have their emissions mapped (mostly to generic biomass calculations). I also added redstone (like electricity) emissions using AMEE’s realtime UK national grid data.

Of course, there are also ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Plant a tree, and AMEEconnect will work out how much carbon was taken up by the tree growing and reduce the tracker by that amount. After a long day of mining and smelting, you’ll have to go plant a few trees to keep the weather nice.

Hacking Carbon Emissions into Minecraft (via Waxy)

More landmarks in Minecraft

The Edison Memorial Tower; the Basilica; the Golden Gate Bridge; the Eiffel Tower; the Vatican; the Globe Theater; and Fallingwater.

Adorable Minecraft creeper and candy

Brand sez, "My little girl (age 8) put together her costume this year based on her favorite video game creature: the Minecraft Creeper. I've seen a few creepers this year, but none as good as hers."

Sad Creeper has a candies (Thanks, Brand!)

3D printed Minecraft implements

Etsy seller CarryTheWhat created these 3D printed Minecraft pickaxes and swords. They're handpainted to your spec: "wood, stone, iron, gold or diamond available." There's a Thingiverse model for you to download and print at home, too.

(via Wonderlandblog)

Escher's "Relativity" in Minecraft

Bergenco recreated MC Escher's 1951 House of Stairs Relativity using Minecraft, saying it took: "5 or 6 hours over 2 days. The sandstone room took the longest." Relativity- by M. C. Escher (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

Minecraft "Adventure Update" trailer released

The forthcoming 1.8 "Adventure Update" of Minecraft adds randomly-generated villages, a more refined control system and game mechanics, larger and more realistic ocean and mountain biomes, and the Endermen.

If you never look directly at Endermen, shadowy creatures with long and narrow limbs, they don't even notice you. But once you do, they turn and stand and look at you, too. As long as you're looking directly at Endermen, they'll stay put and you'll stay safe. "As soon as you look away," creator Notch writes, "they will run (very fast) towards you."

Minecraft creator challenges trademark belligerents to winner-take-all Quake deathmatch

Notch, the game developer who struck gold with his multimillion-dollar bestselling low-rez indiegame Minecraft, has a novel proposal for resolving the stupid trademark threats he's been receiving from Bethesda games, who are upset that he's working on a game called "Scrolls" (Bethesda makes a game called "Elder Scrolls"). Rather than giving a whack of dough to lawyers to settle this, Notch has challenged Bethesda's devs to a three-on-three Quake 3 blood match, top fragger take all.
I challenge Bethesda to a game of Quake 3. Three of our best warriors against three of your best warriors. We select one level, you select the other, we randomize the order. 20 minute matches, highest total frag count per team across both levels wins.

If we win, you drop the lawsuit.

If you win, we will change the name of Scrolls to something you’re fine with.

Regardless of the outcome, we could still have a small text somewhere saying our game is not related to your game series in any way, if you wish.

I am serious, by the way.

Hey, Bethesda! Let’s settle this! (Thanks Fipi Lele!)

(Image: QuakeLive.jpg, Wikimedia Commons/Timothee Besset)

EA tried to buy Minecraft studio

"Riccitiello soon 'picked up the vibe' that Mojang, the studio he created to grow Minecraft, is not for sale" — Michael French, Develop.

Minecraft 3D printer

LaserUnicorn built a 3D printer in Minecraft, and produced this video documentary. The map files are also available. This is pretty clever!

12x12x11 15 color 3D printer I made ( (Thanks m4tth3w!)

Make 3D prints from Minecraft

Minecraft.Print() is a utility that sends Minecraft objects to 3D printers. [via Hack a day]

Mobile Minecraft first look

The Indie Games weblog offers first impressions of Mobile Minecraft: "Only a few concessions and changes have been made, all of which seem tied largely to the playing style of mobile users and processor limitations. Exclusive to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play for the time being, Minecraft: Pocket Edition will apparently feature shorter day circles."

Extremely mundane places in Minecraft

The world of Mojang is full of astonishing creations. Rob Beschizza restores the balance. Read the rest

Studio Ghibli Minecraft world

Oz Workshop has created a giant fan-tribute to Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli, whom you'll likely know from films such as Kiki's Delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle, using Minecraft. The blocky Minecraft world beautifully recreates some of the most striking scenes and characters from Ghibli classics.


â–  MINECRAFT GHIBLI WORLD â–  (world files)

(Thanks, Doctoe!)

Terraria, a 2D multiplayer Minecraft

Terraria Online, out today, is a side-scrolling action and exploration game where you can build, dig and fight: think Minecraft meets Metroid. The game-worlds are randomly generated, and you can play together with friends. Keep an eye out for it at Steam for ten bucks. [via Indie Games]

Buy your very own Minecraft grass cube

minecraft25.jpg Our technobabbleist, Dean, was informed by Dannel Jurado about an interesting item on sale at Etsy. It is a 2.5" cube designed to resemble a cubic meter of earth from the computer game Minecraft. The seller, Laketide, will construct as many as you please, for $10 each.

Minecraft tsunami

An add-on called Finite Liquid replaces Minecraft's gamily-modeled water with fill-the-container realism; cut a channel from sea to cavern, and it will slowly fill to the brim. In this video, YouTuber MrLiquidmatter demonstrates the effect; then accidentally falls victim to a glitch that generates a massive, world-drowning tidal wave. [NSFW language]