Miriam Carey, woman killed in Capitol car chase, believed Obama 'electronically monitoring' her; questions raised on police response

Miriam Carey (Facebook)

The woman who attempted to drive her vehicle through a White House gate, then led Capitol police on a high-speed chase before being shot dead, had a history of mental illness and "believed President Obama was electronically monitoring her Connecticut home in order to broadcast her life on television," reports ABC News, citing sources who knew her. Multiple law enforcement sources have identified her Miriam Carey, and sources cited by ABC News say "Carey believed she was the 'prophet of Stamford' and was capable of communicating with Obama." Read the rest

Three things to know about postpartum depression as you read about Miriam Carey and the Capitol car chase

On the Today Show this morning, a psychologist said "postpartum depression has led mothers to kill their children." This is not true.

Yesterday, Miriam Carey died after being shot by police following a car chase between the White House and the US Capitol building. Carey is reported to have tried to ram through barricades at the White House, hitting at least one officer as well as a squad car. She then drove her vehicle into barriers in front of the Hart Senate Building before being fatally shot by law enforcement officers. She was unarmed. A child identified as her daughter — a little more than one year old — was in the car the whole time.

Today, news outlets are reporting that Carey had a history of traumatic brain injury and postpartum depression, the latter of which may have been severe enough to send her to the hospital at some point in the past year. Nobody knows what, if any, effect this may have had on what happened yesterday. But it's led to plenty of speculation, and the spread of bad information that stigmatizes women suffering from an incredibly common mental illness.

For instance, on NBC's Today Show this morning, psychologist Jennifer Hartstein declared that "postpartum depression has led mothers to kill their children" — a statement that conflates PPD with a different disorder AND overstates the risk that other disorder poses to kids.

Over the next few days, we're all likely to hear a lot of discussion about postpartum depression. Read the rest

Woman identified as Miriam Carey, 34, killed after incident with car at White House barricade

Video courtesy of Alhurra Television, a US government funded TV network.

Police say a woman carrying a small child in her car "rammed" a White House security barricade Thursday, then led Capitol police and Secret Service agents on a high-speed car chase to the U.S. Capitol. She was shot and killed outside Hart Senate Office Building, where the offices of many senators are located.

She has been identified "pending confirmation" by various law enforcement agencies as Miriam Carey, 34, a dental hygienist based in Stamford, Connecticut, who previously lived in Brooklyn, New York.

Here is video of the deceased woman's black sedan in an apparent confrontation with Capitol police.

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