KC cop threatened to destroy home and kill pets unless he was allowed to conduct a warrantless search

Eric Crinnian, a lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri, says that a police officer threatened to destroy his possessions and shoot his dog unless he was permitted to enter Crinnian's home without a warrant. The officer was apparently seeking two men who'd violated their parole; when Crinnian said he'd never heard of the men, the officer asked to come inside to verify that they weren't there. Crinnian told him to go get a warrant, and the officer said that, in serving such a warrant, he would be sure to destroy Crinnian's possessions and kill his pets.

Making such a threat is apparently legal in Missouri, if you are a police officer. Read the rest

Book House of St Louis faces closure, seeks cash

Back in April, I wrote about the impending demolition of the Book House in St Louis, MO, and the problems they were having with their fight to stay put. They lost that fight, and now they're raising money to help them survive at all.

Thorne writes, "The owner of this independent book store is being evicted out of the historical building where she has operated for thirty years so that the landowner can sell the property to national chains. An indiegogo campaign seeks to raise fund to buy the property, or at least facilitate moving to a nearby location. The campaign includes perks such as a VIP card that knocks 25% off all purchases for a year, and spending the night in this famously haunted victorian mansion. If independent business is important to you, this is a feasible and tangible way to support a business that has survived the era of Amazon, Borders, and ebooks. If you are interested in the supernatural, this is a rare opportunity to spend the night with your friends in a substantially haunted victorian mansion before it is demolished."

Save The Book House! (Thanks, Thorne!) Read the rest

Great old indie bookstore in St Louis faces demolition as town considers proposal to site an industrial storage facility on its lot

Thorne sez, "I grew up in a bookstore in a 150 year old Victorian mansion in Rock Hill, St. Louis. I lived in an upstairs room until I was about 10, and we needed the space for more books. This weekend a demolition crew came into my family's store to take measurements for a proposed demolition. An out of state company wants to build an industrial storage facility on this location. This has been an operating independent family business for 30 years and I'm posting it because I believe this type of development needs attention. A friend started a change.org petition over the weekend. Also - it's haunted."

Apparently, the landlord is an "older guy who just wants to sell the property," and the real leverage point here is whether the city grants permission for the demolition and the storage facility.

City of Rock Hill, Missouri: Stop the tear-down and redevelopment of The Book House [Change.org]

Book House Issues Call To Stave Off Eviction [Publishers Weekly] Read the rest

TWA Moonliner atop an office building in Kansas City

A replica of the TWA Moonliner II -- centerpiece of the TWA Moonliner at Disneyland's Tomorrowland from 1955-1962 -- sits atop the old TWA headquarters in Kansas City, MO, at 1795 West Baltimore Ave. This is an important fact that no one brought to my attention in a timely fashion when I was in KC on the Pirate Cinema tour, for which I blame all of you.

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Cory in St Louis tonight

Hey, St Louis Boingers! Looking forward to meeting you tonight at the first stop of my Pirate Cinema tour, at the St Louis County Library at 7PM! Next up, stops in northern and southern California, Lansing, Chicagoland, NYC, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Toronto and Boston. Read the rest

Prom dress made from cardboard

Maura, a Missouri high-school student, has a long history of making awesome prom-dresses (there was the goth one, the one made out of Doritos bags, and the one made of pull-tabs). This year, she topped her own impressive achievements with a beautiful dress made of cardboard. She's featured on the "Everything Dresses" site.

The top of the dress is middle part of corrugated cardboard that was peeled apart. If you have ever looked at a cardboard box it is 3 layers, an outer shell on each side with a wavy part in the middle. The wavy part is the top! Maura then spray painted the pieces and painted glitter on top. Everything is glued together with wood glue and hot glue. And no prom dress would be complete without a corset back! The bottom of the dress proved to be the challenge on this project as it was made of paper bags, and then spray painted, with a zipper in the back.

Cardboard Prom Dress Read the rest