Making a real Star Wars Speeder Bike

Vintage Works built this fantastic motorcycle that is exactly like a Star Wars Speeder Bike. Only it doesn't fly. Sadly.

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A cheap, simple fix for an achy throttle hand

Aching hands don't just ruin a long trip on a motorcycle, they can turn a leisurely ride into a dangerous nightmare. After ruining my last motorcycle vacation, friends recommended the $10 Cramp Buster as a solution superior to spending lots more on complicated mechanical throttle locks.

Cramp Buster is a lever. The most complicated thing about it, at least on my BMW, is getting it on the grip. 1970s BMWs have pretty thick grips, so I bought the "over size" version, and needed it. Once on, its quite simple. Adjust it by spinning it counter clockwise on the grip. Counter-clockwise opens the throttle, and doesn't spin on the grip. I find the plastic lever has a bit more flex to it than I particularly want, but I'm sure I'll get used to it pretty quickly.

For riding around the canyon roads near my house, the Cramp Buster didn't come into play much, as its really there to help ease freeway miles. I got to try it out on the 101 for a bit, and the lever allows a much more comfortable cruising position. I'm very much looking forward to trying it on a longer trip, in a week or two!

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Tripping a traffic light, for motorcyclists

Almost every motorcyclist has suffered a long, extended wait at a traffic light. Sometimes you just wait, and wait, sometimes you go for it.

Walter F. Kern offers these helpful tips:

Here's How to Trip a Traffic Light:

Get off your motorcycle and push the "walk" button if it is safe. Sometimes you may just have to look both ways and run the light. In some places it's OK to "proceed with caution" after 15 minutes, in some places after 2 cycles. You need to know what the law is in your area. If you fail to trigger the switch, wait at least one more cycle and then proceed when it is safe. Sometimes it helps to kill the engine and restart it just to get the magnetic fields going over the tripping device. Put yourself right over the detector in the pavement. Give the bike a couple of good revs. Turn right and then do a "U" turn when you can. Threaten legal action. Start by calling the street department and complaining. Every week re-check the light. If you get no action, send them a nice professional letter threatening them with a lawsuit. As you approach the intersection, there are lines cut into the pavement where the sensor was put in. The sensor pad is octagonal or square. Put the most metal over the intersection of two sides. Another trick is to put out your kickstand. If you can get the kickstand out, there is more of a metal area to detect.

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Custom motorcycle to carry surfboard

Deus Ex Machina is a custom motorcycle and lifestyle brand launched by Australian surfers. Seen here is their "Red Pill" bike, built by Jeremy Tagand. The bike is based on a Kawasaki W650 that's been re-engineered from the re-jetted carbs all the way to the quick-release surfboard racks. I wish I knew how to surf. And ride a motorcyle.

Deux Ex Machina: The Red Pill (via Uncrate)

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Oregon motorcyclist hit by lightning

Motorists behind the cyclist saw lightning strike his helmet. Dazed, the gentleman pulled over and then rode on to look for assistance.

Via Fox KTPV:

Firefighters said, at that point, he got back on his bike and kept on riding. The man took Exit 76 into Chehalis, where he stopped at a convenience store and asked for help.

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Microfiber ropes for cleaning nooks and crannies

Getting grime out of tight places on my bikes can be a real pain. This microfiber line lets me clean, and shine, even the toughest spots!

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Modern Scramblers in an adventure rally?

I can barely ride a modern adventure bike, but do I ever love my Triumph Scrambler!

Motorcyclist Online puts both Ducati and Triumph's modern reinventions of the simple Scrambler to the test, entering them in a Colorado Rockies adventure rally. Things go better than you'd imagine and worse than you'd hope! Read the rest

Sena's low-profile bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset

I recently installed Sena's SMH10R bluetooth audio system in one of my motorcycle helmets. Now, it is hard to ride without it!

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Watch this motorbike engine disintegrate a millimeter at a time

Says Sploid, “This is so much cooler than seeing something poof and disappear away because we get to watch it slowly disintegrate into nothing.

Crazed man attacks motorcyclists for lane splitting

After taking a punch to the face, a motorcyclist subdues his attacker. (Via WSHHP) Read the rest

Otter Wax, for reproofing your waxed cotton

Waxed cotton is beautiful and functional, but you've got to maintain it. Otter Wax is the brand I've relied on to keep my jacket happy.

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Motorcycle lane splitting deemed safe

"This practice of passing other vehicles traveling in the same direction by sharing their lane is called lane-splitting, and a new report by UC Berkeley transportation researchers finds that no matter what some angry drivers might think, it does not necessarily pose a greater risk for injury." Read the rest

Compressed towelettes are super handy

Compressed at 70,000psi of pressure, these tiny washcloth pucks expand with a few drops of water. They super helpful to have around!

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Motorcycle Jeans and Adventure Pants

Most jeans outfit for motorcycling look bad and fit worse. I tried two popular options, Hood Motorcycle Jean's G8 Evo and Bohn's Adventure Pants. Seriously: Adventure Pants. Read the rest

WATCH: Motorcycle chariots throughout history

Pro wrestler Buff Bagwell made a valiant effort to start up a motorcycle chariot racing league a few years ago, building this amazing prototype inspired by rigs from the 1920s. Read the rest

Unorthodox motorcycle helmet test shows cheap is bad

In this test a Marushin Samara, approx $260USD, takes a hammer strike while a $40USD RZO does not.

If your head is only worth $40 to you, go for it. I am a huge fan of my Bell Bullitt TT.

Video Link

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Motorcycle safety: high visibility, low cost vest

I wanted a high visibility vest to wear over my motorcycle jacket. Cycle gear shops carried great looking vests at high prices. I didn't think the job required $80 of artisanal reflectiveness.

The Neiko High Visibility Neon Yellow Zipper Front Safety Vest with Reflective Strips is $7.25!

I bought a size Large to wear over an armored size 42 US leather jacket. It fits perfectly. Some folks in the reviews complain the zipper opens due to wind pressure, they suggest adding a binder clip to secure it. I have had no problems.

I should wear this vest whenever I ride. Read the rest

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