Watch this film about living with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) by a filmmaker who has it


Don't miss this amazing film.

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Why the Hobbit movies were such a mess

peter jackson

tl;dr: they had no prep time, made real-time changes to the story as they shot it, and props and scenes were thrown together as they needed them. Jackson says that his winging-it—"making it up there and then on the spot"—finally fell apart when they came to shooting the big battle scenes. [via]

"I didn't know what the hell I was doing" — Peter Jackson.

The proposed narrative is that they paused shooting, got their shit together, then figured out how to make a great film. Read the rest

Watching paint dry: epic crowfunded troll of the UK film censorship board


You can't release a film in the UK without a certificate from the British Board of Film Certification, a censorship authority that's been rating and banning movies since it was established in 1912 to prevent 'indecorous dancing,' 'references to controversial politics' and 'men and women in bed together." Read the rest

Zoolander 2 trailer


At last. At last.

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Notepads from imaginary hotels like The Overlook


From Herb Lester Associates, clever hotel notepads from fictional movie and television hotels! For £12.00, you get six pads:

• Bertram’s Hotel (At Bertram’s Hotel, Agatha Christie) • The Great Northern Hotel (Twin Peaks) • The Overlook Hotel (The Shining) • Royal Imperial Windsor Arms Hotel (National Lampoon’s European Vacation) • The Green Man Inn (The Wicker Man) • The Taft Hotel (The Graduate)

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Kickstarting "From DeadDrop to SecureDrop" about Aaron Swartz's last project

animation (3)

Journalist/educator Lisa Rein is looking for $20,000 to complete a documentary called "From DeadDrop to SecureDrop," which chronicles the development of the last technology project that Aaron Swartz worked on: a tool to help whistleblowers and journalists communicate and exchange documents in secret. Read the rest

Gunnar Hansen, "Leatherface" from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, RIP


Gunnar Hansen who Leatherface in Tobe Hooper's iconic splatterpunk film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) has died at age 68. Inspired by serial killer Ed Gein, Leatherface work a mask of human skin. From CNN:

After the movie's release, Hansen began a career as a writer and editor, although he eventually returned to acting -- mostly in low-budget horror movies with titles like "Chainsaw Sally" and "Swarm of the Snakehead."

At the time of his death he was developing "Death House," a horror film he had written about a prison break at a secret underground government facility. The movie will be produced next year in Hansen's memory...

And here's the original trailer for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

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There is a Warcraft movie, and here is its trailer

x 2015-11-07 at 10.12.18 AM

Before you sigh and flutter your Eyelids of Good Taste, know ye that it is directed by Duncan Jones of Moon and Source Code fame. Expect it to be a bit weirder than the average CGI feast.

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Gamergate bogeywoman Zoe Quinn sells a memoir, movie about her harassment


Zoe Quinn, sometime Boing Boing and Offworld contributor and object of pants-wetting apoplexy by Gamergate's jerk-squad, has sold a memoir telling her tale of being targeted for one of the Internet's most grotesque and cowardly pile-ons, and had the film-rights snapped up by Pascal Pictures, with rumors that Scarlett Johansson will play Quinn. Read the rest

Typewriter portraiture, the strange story of 1920s ASCII art


In 1919, a 16-year old LA Times office boy named Kenneth Taylor was given a back-page spread to show off his typewriter portraits of film stars; Taylor's work then spread to Photoplay, and a new medium was born. Read the rest

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer with much unseen footage!


Posted by Walt Disney Studios Japan.

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“The Hateful Eight” trailer is out. Quentin Tarantino's 8th film looks pretty great.

maxresdefault (1)

The first official trailer for “The Hateful Eight” hit the internets today. The new Quentin Tarantino film stars Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Roth, and Bruce Dern.

“See it in glorious 70mm on Christmas Day.”

Don't mind if I do.


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Every Bond gadget ever

bond gadgets

A nice reminder of just how utterly daft they are!

P.S. All reviews of new Bond movies are really reviews of old Bond movies. Read the rest

“Long-lost” 1928 Disney animation with 'Oswald the Lucky Rabbit' found in BFI archives

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny's long-lost, long-eared ancestor has been discovered in the National archive of the British Film Institute.

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MPAA claims to have popped Popcorn Time and YTS

Formerly the Popcorn Time website.

The Motion Picture Association of America today announced that it had effectively shut down the popular Popcorn Time “fork” and movie-sharing torrent destination YTS after court orders in Canada and New Zealand.

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Site ranks movies by scariness

Reelscary accepts public votes on the scariness of films, divided into three different genres of scariness: disturbing, gore and suspense.

1979 classic "Alien" is currently leading the suspense category, with 2008's "Martyrs" taking the gore honors. Hopefully, there'll be sections for books, games and TV shows soon.

See also Where's The Jump?, a public database of scary moments in movies and the quality of said scary moments. Read the rest

Taxonomy of the 37 basic silent-film plots


It's a lovely piece of narrative theory from Wycliff Aber Hill's 1919 book Ten Million Photoplay Plots: The Master Key to All Dramatic Plots, part of a tradition of stage-play manuals that presented related taxonomies for aspiring writers. Read the rest

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