Nerdcore Ghostbusters rap video starring the Atlanta Ghostbusters


djBC writes, "Atlanta nerdcore rapper Tribe One teams up with producer and mashup artist dj BC for this Ghostbusters-inspired rap joint. The video was shot at Bootie Dragon Con and on location at an abandoned farm on the outskirts of Atlanta, and stars members of the Atlanta Ghostbusters cosplay group. If you want to add the song to your Halloween playlist, it's free to download." Read the rest

Blue Rodeo's anti-Tory anthem: Stealin' All My Dreams


The Canadian-as-maple-pie band's Stealin' All My Dreams is a catalog of all the horrors of the Harper regime, from stifling scientists to strip-mining the CBC to doubling down on tar-sand oil. The October elections are upon us, Canadians: get out there and vote, for those of us who've had our votes stolen by the Tories. (Thanks, David!) Read the rest

Rage Against the Machine bassist apologizes for Limp Bizkit


Rage Against the Machine's Tim Commerford: "I do apologize for Limp Bizkit. I really do. I feel really bad that we inspired such bullshit."

(Rolling Stone)

Remember the MTV Video Music Awards in 2000 when Commerford climbed the backdrop and interrupted Limp Bizkit's acceptance speech? Video below.

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The Animals' "The House of the Rising Sun" (1964)

The beautiful 1964 promotional film for The Animals' "The House of the Rising Sun," a truly timeless number that the band recorded in just one take. From Wikipedia:

Like many classic folk ballads, the authorship of "The House of the Rising Sun" is uncertain. Musicologists say that it is based on the tradition of broadside ballads such as The Unfortunate Rake of the 18th century, and that English emigrants took the song to America where it was adapted to its later New Orleans setting. There is also a mention of a house-like pub called the "Rising Sun" in the classic Black Beauty published in 1877, set in London, England, which may have influenced the title.

The oldest known existing recording is by Appalachian artists Clarence "Tom" Ashley and Gwen Foster, who recorded it for Vocalion Records in 1934. Ashley said he had learned it from his grandfather, Enoch Ashley....

An interview with Eric Burdon revealed that he first heard the song in a club in Newcastle, England, where it was sung by the Northumbrian folk singer Johnny Handle. The Animals were on tour with Chuck Berry and chose it because they wanted something distinctive to sing. This interview refutes assertions that the inspiration for their arrangement came from Bob Dylan. The band enjoyed a huge hit with the song, much to Dylan's chagrin when his version was referred to as a cover. The irony of this was not lost on Dave Van Ronk, who said the whole issue was a "tempest in a teapot," and that Dylan stopped playing the song after The Animals' hit because fans accused Dylan of plagiarism.

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Animated interview with Tom Waits

Interviewed by Chris Roberts in 1988. (Blank on Blank) Read the rest

Win free tickets to the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco!


Want free VIP tickets to Boing Boing's favorite annual music event, the Treasure Island Music Festival taking place on the San Francisco Bay, October 17-18? This year, you will be thrilled by the unique musical stylings of The National, deadmau5, FKA Twigs, The War On Drugs, Chvrches, Father John Misty, Lower Dens, Jose Gonzalez, and more than a dozen other acts. Our pals at Noise Pop, co-promoters of the event with Another Planet Entertainment, have gifted us a pair of VIP 2-Day Tickets (a $630 value) to pass on to Boing Boing readers! VIP includes access to a nice viewing area beside the main stage, tented lounge with full bar, special VIP food sellers, and private restroom facilities (yay!). To win the passes, we are continuing our annual tradition of the Treasure Island Music Festival Haiku Contest!

Here's what to do:

Write a Haiku about why you want to attend the festival! The Haiku must consist of three lines, with the first line containing 5 syllables, the second containing 7 syllables, and the third line containing 5 syllables. Then post your Haiku to the Boing Boing forum right here. You have until 11:59pm PDT on Thursday (10/1) to enter. We'll pick our favorite Haikus and email you at the address you used to create your forum account. (Or you can list an alternate address in your entry.) On Friday (10/2), I'll post our three finalists who will each receive a Boing Boing t-shirt! On Tuesday (10/6), I'll announce the winner of the VIP tickets. Read the rest

Manifesto: dreamy pop with a computer-world music video


Luca Pozzi Statement's wireframe dreamworld illustrates the calm electronic music of Sarc:o, whose album, Manifesto, is out now.

Music video from Luca Pozzi Statement Directed and produced by Marco Bagni Designed with Giacomo Merchich Song produced by Andrea Suriani

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Watch the trailer for the new Daft Punk documentary!

Daft Punk Unchained, a French documentary by Hervé Martin Delpierre about the mysterious robot musicians, has just premiered in the UK with English subtitles. It looks killer and I hope it screens in the US soon!

Daft Punk Unchained (BBC Worldwide) Read the rest

Beautiful, dreamy chamber pop from members of Afghan Whigs and Wussy


Imperial Phase by Plastic Ants

Cincinnati's Plastic Ants, purveyors of lovely "maximum chamber pop," follow up this year's gorgeous full-length debut LP, "Falling to Rise," with a new track "Imperial Phase." Listen above! Plastic Ants' dreamy orchestrations come from the friendship and collaboration of four music scene veterans: John Curley, bassist for Afghan Whigs, Joe Klug, drummer for Wussy, Robert Cherry, singer/songwriter perhaps best known from his many years as top editor of Alternative Press magazine, and Guy Vanasse, a multi-instrumentalist and singer with deep classical training. Cellist Amy Gillingham and Lisa Walker, Wussy's stellar singer, guest on the Falling to Rise album as well.

"I don’t even consider (Plastic Ants to be) rock music,” Cherry said in a recent interview. “It’s hard pop with timeless classical arrangements. We wanted to keep the instrumentation more acoustic because that’s where the songs originated and closer to how they were written. We like that instrumentation in terms of how timeless it can be. The collision of rock players and classical players made for some funny moments in the studio. At one point, John and I were trying to explain the appeal of AC/DC — a guitarist wearing a school boy’s outfit accompanied by a shirtless singer shouting sexual innuendos. They gave us this blank look and humored us.”

I'm glad, because they sure make beautiful music together.

Plastic Ants play a free show at Cincinnati's MOTR Pub on Monday, September 28.

Plastic Ants

Trailer for "Falling to Rise" below:

(album cover photo at top by John Curley) Read the rest

Dig these groovy, diverse jazz sounds from Italian cinema


Imagine you're in a hip, swinging Italian movie with this killer compilation "Library of Sound Grooves: Jazz Expressions from the Italian Cinema (1963-1975)." The vinyl release is a gatefold double LP in a super-limited edition of 750. To give you a taste of the tunes, below are Nora Orlandi's "Sweet Body of Deborah," Ennio Morricone's "Un Uomo da Rispettare", and Armando Trovajoli's "The Getaway."

"Library of Sound Grooves: Jazz Expressions from the Italian Cinema (1963-1975)" (Forced Exposure)

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Happy Birthday is in the public domain


The Happy Birthday song hasn't been in copyright for generations, and everybody knew it. That didn't stop Warner Chapell music from running a scam where they extorted "royalties" from movies and restaurants that featured the song, charging less than it would cost anyone to litigate the question. Read the rest

Amazing 1968 photo of Jimi Hendrix getting his hair done, reading MAD

That's the life. (via Reddit) Read the rest

Janis Joplin's psychedelic Porsche up for auction


Janis Joplin's psychedelic 1965 Porsche 365c 1600 cabriolet will be auctioned off in December at Sotheby's New York. The car, currently owned by Joplin's family, is expected to sell for more than $400,000. Far out. Below, a video about the vehicle by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum where the car has been displayed for the last 20 years.

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Panoramical will change the way you conceive of sound

More than a "music visualizer", the widely-anticipated new project by David Kanaga and Fernando Ramallo is practically synesthetic, treating sound as a place to explore and customize

New photos from the scene of Kurt Cobain's suicide


UPDATE: Ooops, these photos were released in 2014.

Last year, the Seattle Police Department released several dozen newly-developed photos from the scene of Kurt Cobain's 1994 suicide. The police processed the film as part of a recent reinvestigation into Cobain's death. According to detective Mike Ciesynski, there is still no basis in conspiracy theories that Cobain was murdered.

Ciesynzki says that they will not release any graphic images of Cobain's body.

"What are people going to gain from seeing pictures of Kurt Cobain laying on the ground with his hair blown back, with blood coming out of his nose and trauma to his eyes from a penetrating shotgun wound," he told KIRO-TV. "How's that going to benefit anybody?"

"Dozens of new photos released from Kurt Cobain death probe" (CBS News)

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The man who seeks the sound of silence

Gordon Hempton is an "acoustic ecologist" and field recording artist who seeks out the places on Earth that are free of noise pollution. The episode below of the Generation Anthropocene podcast features Hempton's story and some of his favorite recordings of the natural environment. For more from Hempton, check out his book "One Square Inch of Silence: One Man's Quest to Preserve Quiet."

(top photo by Richard Darbonne) Read the rest

Watch the Ramones guest star on "Sha Na Na" (1979)


In 1979, the Ramones were special guests on novelty 1950s nostalgia band Sha Na Na's TV variety show. In this bizarre skit, the Ramones play in a Family Feud parody gameshow called "Greasers Feud." More context over at Dangerous Minds: "Sha Na Na Feud with the Ramones" Read the rest

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