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Amazing photos of jazz legends

LR-METRO-0502 Miles Davis

Photo and print dealer Limited Runs is touring a fantastic collection of jazz photos from the archives of Metronome, an influential music magazine that published from 1881 to 1961.

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GOOD MEASURE, a multi-city indie music tour

Boing Boing is proud to announce the GOOD MEASURE tour, produced with our partners Noise Pop and Joie de Vivre Hotels! The GOOD MEASURE tour will kick off on August 4 at Phoenix Hotel - the former motor lodge that launched the Joie de Vivre portfolio and has played crash pad for road warriors like Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers since 1987 - with a performance by Oakland, California-based artist Jackson Phillips of electro-pop duo Carousel. Jackson’s solo project, Day Wave, will bring its dream-pop vibe to a poolside crowd at the funky oasis in the City by the Bay. Joie de Vivre Hotels, Noise Pop and Boing Boing invite hotel guests, locals and visitors of each city on the GOOD MEASURE music tour to RSVP to attend the performances via this Eventbrite link. Given the intimate nature of each show, early arrival is encouraged. GOOD MEASURE Tour Dates: August 4, 2015 • Phoenix Hotel • San Francisco, CA • Day Wave August 25, 2015 • Hotel Lincoln • Chicago, IL • Widowspeak September 22, 2015 • Pacific Edge Hotel • Laguna Beach, CA • Chelsea Lankes October 8, 2015 • The Hall • Miami, FL • TBA

Watch this cat slap the funky bass

Endlessly entertaining.

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Inadvertent "Smells Like Teen Spirit" tribute

A falling shovel recreates Nirvana's distinct opening. (via Vice)

Listen to the Goldeneye 007 soundtrack as it was always meant to be heard


Classic Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye 007 is just one of those things: if you were a certain age at a certain time, it was part of your life in some way, the object of lavish late-night dormitory marathons, or glittering in your peripheral vision as you pursued that one guy you liked.

The Grant Kirkhope tracks, inspired by the Bond source materal, are just as memorable, and now you can hear them purely: Apparently, in order to hew to tech limitations the audio had to undergo certain types of compression back in 1998, and finally an uncompressed version of all seven Kirkhope tracks is widely available thanks to YouTube game music devotees Video Game Tracks:

Compare to a compressed version here. Big thanks also to Ben Skipper of IBTimes for digging this up!

Tortilla laser-etched into a record that actually plays!

Enjoy the edible lo-fi sounds of "Jarabe Tapatío," aka "The Mexican Hat Dance." Over at Instructables, learn how to make your own tortilla record!

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Beatbugs - facepainting plus beatboxing equals awesomeness

Fletcher Bedon, a DJ music producer from South Africa, produced and directed this video starring "two beat-boxers [Denver Turner and Anderson Chituse] and a whole lot of face paint." Below, the making of video.


Foo Fighters demand bullshit terms from concert photographers

If you're a commercial photographer attending a Foo Fighters gig, you get the right to run photos of their choosing exactly once, and they get all rights to everything you've shot forevermore.

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Best Coast: new music video for "Feeling OK"

SoCal psych-pop duo Best Coast present the video for "Feeling OK" from their bold new album California Nights.

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Watch this amazing father/daughter beatbox battle

Nicole Paris dominates, but clearly the beatbox talent is genetic.

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Evan Caminiti (Barn Owl): new track accompanied by glitchy video synthesis trip

393 gold

Go deep into the modular dronescape with "Arc," a lovely new track by Evan Caminiti (Barn Owl), accompanied by stunning synthetic video glitch from Montreal-based media artist Sabrina Ratté. "Arc" is from Caminiti's LP Meridian, just released on Thrill Jockey.

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A homeless man plays Styx's “Come Sail Away” and crushes it

Donald Gould became a viral celebrity after this video of him performing a classic rock anthem exploded on Facebook. He is homeless.

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Flashmob choir interrupts TTIP congress

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a secret EU/US trade agreement that "puts the right to profit above all other rights," in the words of one MEP.

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Excellent Bluetooth headphones for kids with volume limit for ear safety

Do you have kids? Here’s my advice – get these headphones by Puro Sound Labs. You won’t regret it. The number one reason to get them is for their volume-limiting ear protection. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, “As many as 16 percent of teens (ages 12 to 19) have reported some hearing loss that could have been caused by loud noise.” And the Hearing Health Foundation says “…the problem is listening to MP3 players through earphones turned all the way up.” These headphones keep the volume below 85 dBA, the safety limit established by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The headphone cups and cushioning are designed to greatly reduce background noise so that your kids can listen to music and videos without having to turn up the volume to compete with traffic, airplane noise, and other sounds.

The ear safety features are reason enough to buy the headphones, but thier other features are also compelling. They have built-in Bluetooth, so no cord is needed (it comes with a cord in case you want to use the headphones with a non-Bluetooth media player). They will run for 18 hours on a single charge. They are also lightweight and made with attractive materials. They don’t look like a kid product - they are elegant and I like using them, too (though it’s a bit of a stretch to get them around my fat head). The sound quality is excellent, too. They are pre-tuned to sound their best on iOS (you can download an equalizer app to change the sound characteristics). I want the adult sized version of these, but Puro is not offering it (at least not yet).

Studio Grade Kids Wireless Headphones
By Puro Sound Labs
$80 Buy one on Amazon

See more photos at Wink Fun.

Watch Colbert interview Eminem on public access TV

Yesterday, Stephen Colbert was the guest host on "Only in Monroe," a public access television show in Monroe, Michigan. His guest was Eminem.

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This is the best funny video on the entire internethole

This. Looping. Forever.

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Music: "Mockingbird," Carly Simon and James Taylor (1979)

"Filmed for the MUSE No Nukes concerts in NYC in 1979"