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Sisters of Mercy's "Floodland" getting the special vinyl box set treatment

The Sisters of Mercy's classic 1987 beast of gothic bombast, Floodland, will be reissued next month as a 4-LP vinyl box from Rhino records featuring the original album along with three 12-inches from the time. Floodland was the second full-length released under the Sisters name, and at that point the band consisted of founder Andrew Eldritch, new bassist Patricia Morrison of Gun Club fame, and the thunderous drum machine known as Doctor Avalanche. Meat Loaf producer Jim Steinman brought his orchestral magic to a couple Floodland tracks, including "This Corrosion," above, one of the greatest goth dance songs ever produced.

Sisters of Mercy: Floodland Era Vinyl Box Set (Amazon)


Byron Crawford's history of Dr. Dre is the best thing I've read on Medium

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre

Seriously. This history of Dr. Dre is WONDERFUL.

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Flea loves bees


"Pleezus more beezus," writes the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist. At his Los Angeles home, he's keeping three hives with 60,000 bees each.

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Music: "Ballroom Blitz," The Sweet (1973)

It's a ballroom blitz!

Music: "Mama Told Me Not to Come," Stereophonics feat. Tom Jones

A great cover. They are having fun, son.

Seven hours of road-trip lip-synching

White Rhino entertained his sister on a seven-hour road-trip with some damned fine lip-synching to tunes ranging from the Spice Girls to Enya to Daddy Yankee to Keyshia Cole.

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Killer no-wave LP reissue by Lizzy Mercier Descloux

In the late 1970s, Parisian poet, artist, and singer Lizzy Mercier Descloux made the downtown New York scene with peers Patti Smith and Richard Hell. Descloux's music melded no wave, disco, and minimalism into a funky, dissonant groove. Yes, you can dance to it.

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Scientists: Music makes surgery patients feel better

For more than a century, physicians have used music to make patients feel better before, during, and after surgery. A new scientific meta-study looks at the evidence and confirms that yes, listening to music has measurable pain-killing properties and reduces anxiety around surgery.

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Listen to President Obama's summer playlists


President Obama posted two Spotify summer playlists, one for day and another for night. Some nice soul and jazz cuts on there from Coltrane, The Temptations, Al Green Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, and Miles. Also, the Stones, Dylan, and Joni Mitchell. I clicked right past the Beyonce and Justin Timberlake tracks though.

Ska is the mother of reggae


Public Radio International aired this short audio piece on ska, the musical form that took off in the early 1960s, blending Jamaican jazz with American soul and rhythm and blues, and influenced numerous excellent bands, from The Clash and The Specials to No Doubt and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

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Pointer Sister's collection of terrible and important black memorabilia


Anita Pointer, vocalist for famed 1980s R&B group The Pointer Sisters, is also a major collector of black memorabilia, from racist caricature cookie jars and mechanical banks to slave shackles and disturbing children’s books like Ten Little Niggers and Little Black Sambo.

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Okilly Dokilly, a Ned Flanders tribute, metal band


Talk about BRUTAL. Rip It Up tells the history of this awesome tribute band, and shares a link to some of their music!

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Hear Terry Riley's groundbreaking 1968 remix of a soul tune

In 1968, pioneering minimalist composer Terry Riley remixed The Harvey Averne Dozen's soul tune "You're No Good" into a 20-minute tape machine and Moog composition of sampled, looped, and cut-up sounds moving in and out of phase. Strange and beautiful.

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Video of man singing opera while undergoing brain surgery

Professional singer Ambroz Bajec-Lapajne sang opera during neurosurgery for a brain tumor, at his physicians' request so they could monitor his singing ability and "avoid deficits after the procedure," he writes.

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You can pre-order this hexagonal colored vinyl Super Hexagon soundtrack


Super Hexagon is probably one of the most elegant and vicious puzzle games of our modern times. The soundtrack, by Chipzel, is also absolutely killer, and now you can pre-order it on vinyl. On hexagon-shaped vinyl. In four different colors.

I mean, you can theoretically pre-order it; preorders from iam8bit open tomorrow, August 13, at 10AM PDT and I am assuming they will go really quickly—they're limited and there are are only 1600 (400 per color, though you can't pick which color you will get), and also the wonderful Cory Schmitz designed the custom clear sleeve, so if owning something this singular and awesome and weird would be important to you, be ready to digitally 'check out' with speed tomorrow.

Hexagon-shaped vinyl. What does it look like when it spins around? Ohhhhh see that's like when you play the gaaaaame omggggg

WATCH: Waterphones, source of creepy film music effects

Ever wonder how they make unsettling dissonant sounds in sci-fi and horror films? Some are made by waterphones or synths emulating them. Portland-based Robb Bockman demonstrates an analog waterphone, gawdyphone, and dopephone in this video.

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The UK's premier autistic rock group

The Guardian followed The Autistix as it rehearses and heads off on tour: "We don't want people to feel bad or sorry about us. We want them to come to our gig and enjoy the music. You can also headbang if you like."