Listen to this deep house mix of MLK, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" (1989)


From 1989, Fingers Inc.'s beautiful mix of "Can You Feel It" with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech.

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This is certainly not the early, bubblegum pop Bee Gees


When the feeling's gone and you can't go on... Read the rest

Stuck in my head: The Whispers' "Rock Steady"


Now I know where Carlton learned to dance. Read the rest

David Bowie, Internet Service Provider: Interview with the guy who ran BowieNet ISP


When artist and pop star David Bowie launched an Internet service provider firm in the heady dot-com runup days of 1998, a guy named Ron Roy helped Bowie run the ISP. Days after the music icon's death from cancer at age 69, Ars Technica interviews Roy about how "BowieNet" came to life, and why Bowie wanted to be in the ISP business in the first place.

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For the first time in 15 years, there's a new Violent Femmes album


The Femmes broke up in acrimony, and while there have been some noteworthy projects since (frontman Gordon Gano's gospel band, The Mercy Seat, produced an album that was as good as anything the Femmes made together; there was also Read the rest

Listen to David Bowie the DJ (1979)


On May 20, 1979, David Bowie was invited to take over BBC Radio One for a two-hour DJ set titled "Star Special" that's a fantastic tour of underground, unfamiliar, or avant-rock sounds of that time mixed with tunes by popular artists he loved: Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, Talking Heads, Philip Glass, Danny Kaye, Little Richard, Bruce Springsteen, and many more. Read the rest

England may finally choose its own national anthem


Britain has one—God Save The Queen—as do Scotland and Wales, but England itself has no national anthem. After many years of talking about it, it might finally happen. Jerusalem, a much-loved and rather ambiguous song derived from a William Blake poem, is the popular and perfect choice. Above, Emerson, Lake and Palmer's classic rendition from Brain Salad Surgery.

Other songs with a shot are Land of Hope and Glory and, if they decide to hold a public referendum on it right away, Magic Dance.

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Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü and Sugar): killer new video, new album


Our prolific punk pal Bob Mould (ex-Hüsker Dü and Sugar) just released a new video, "Voices in My Head," to whet our appetites for his new album, Patch the Sky, out March 25. Stereogum recently joined Bob on a walking tour of New York, and a conversational capsule history of his incredibly-influential career.

"Music can literally save your life,” Bob says. “I do this thing, I sort through my life, I show it to people, and it’s resonating. People at shows come up and they say, ‘Your music saved my fucking life,’ over and over, and I’m like, ‘Wait, that’s my line. You don’t know. You stole my line.'”

Bob and his longtime band, Jason Narducy on bass and Jon Wurster on drums, hit the road February 6 for a series of UK, Canada, and US dates. Get some.

Below, our special Boing Boing Interview/Performance video with Bob Mould, a collaboration with the good people at Remedy Editorial:

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Neil Diamond sings "Holly Holy"


Call the sun in the dead of the night... And the sun's gonna rise in the sky! Read the rest

David Bowie and Freddy Mercury singing "Under Pressure," a capella


Isolated vocal tracks from Bowie and Queen's "Under Pressure" (1981). Original below.

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Explore musical variations amid floating 3D islands


YUME is a simple musical experience where the songs change as you explore 3D floating islands—just click and drag them to move around. It's restful, easy to get lost, and the evolving tracks are great. The musician is Helios (AKA Keith Kenniff) and his albums are available for download at Bandcamp. [via] Read the rest

New York Times print: "It's a good time to be David Bowie"


Too late to stop the presses?

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Watch Hervé "Tattoo" Villechaize sing "Why?" (1981)


Hervé Villechaize, who most famously played Tattoo on TV's "Fantasy Island," sings his song "Why?" on TV in 1981. The bizarre video effects are from the original clip. (The uploader dubbed the audio from his 7" vinyl record of the song.)

And just for posterity, here's a poorer-quality copy of the video with the original audio track.

(Thanks, UPSO!)

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The stars look very different today


"The stars look very different today." I've written, on several occasions, though most revealingly here, about glam's desperate importance to those of us marooned in the beige, tract-home nightmare of '70s suburbia.

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David Bowie, RIP


"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring.

-- David Bowie

David Bowie died today after an 18 month battle with cancer. The pioneering musician and artist had celebrated his 69th birthday on Friday with the release of his new album, Blackstar. Damn, I'm going to miss him. We all are.

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"Sucker for Love" by the Bayonets


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Share your unpopular music opinions


The #UnpopularMusicOpinionhour hashtag is proving unexpectedly cilivized today—for once, not everyone is complaining about the Beatles like that's some kind of deliciously transgressive thing.

People who think Animal Crackers is better than I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas are scum. Read the rest

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