Caturday [Nightmare Edition]

Hey, found this on my computer. No idea what I made it for, but it appears to feature an evil cat god summoned to our plane by the power of Wardenclyffe Tower. You can have it now! [Warning: autoplaying audio]

"Poohenge" - Unusual inflatable sculpture graces Hong Kong park

"Complex Pile", an inflatable sculpture by American artist Paul McCarthy, is displayed at the exhibition "Inflation!" on the grounds of a new park in Hong Kong. "The Park", as it will be called, will cover 14 hectares of landscaped public space devoted to the arts and culture. [Bobby Yip/Reuters]

Definition of Hell

Welcome to the definition of hell. [Thanks, Joe Sabia]

Sarah Palin Breathing Wall of Nightmares

BEHOLD: The Sarah Palin Breathing Wall of Nightmares. Here's a bonus nightmare.

The Irritation Waltz, after Nokia, after Tárrega

Behold Marc-André Hamelin's Valse Irritation d'après Nokia, the stuff of nightmares. Subtle, enduring nightmares. [via Giz.]

Mutant teddy bear

Undead Ed's plush Mortimer Mutated Bear is sweet and sickly all at once. I love those eyes!

Mortimer Mutated Bear Plush by *Undead-Art* (via Superpunch)