Spider vs Bees

nope of the day

Fastbees.net posted video of a large fishing spider hunting bees. As long as it doesn't move too quickly, it can grab the relatively small insects and sneak off with them. But when it gets skittish: game over. [via] Read the rest

Insane ledge jumping on Hong Kong skyscraper


Oleg Cricket from Siberia shows off his parkour skills on a Hong Kong skyscraper. For some reason, watching these kinds of high-altitude daredevil videos make the soles of my feet ache. Does that happen to anyone else?

If you want more, here's a guy riding a unicycle and juggling on an 8-inch wide parapet of the Vidraru Dam, with a drop of 166 meters:

[via] Read the rest

Flesh-eating spiders in Britain. Fish flesh, that is.

According to new research, mined for horrifying news by London tabloid Metro, fish-eating spiders have come to Britain. Read the rest