Dazzling video of Northern Lights in Finland, Fall 2015

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A gorgeous Northern Lights video by Markus Kiili from Ylläs, Lapland, Finland in September, 2015.

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Stunning video of whales swimming under the Aurora Borealis


Harald Albrigtsen shot this beautiful footage off the coast of Norway. (YouTube)

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Watch the northern lights captured in real time in 4K

This video is so beautiful. Crank the resolution way up to 4K and enjoy.

The Northern Lights meet the Mason-Dixon

How do you know that you just experienced a more-impressive-than-average display of the Northern Lights? When somebody can take a picture like the one above in freaking Arkansas. Arkansas, people.

Photographed by Brian Emfinger in Ozark, Arkansas, these auroras were triggered by a big coronal mass ejection—a burst of energy from the Sun that can interact with our atmosphere to produce particularly spectacular examples of the aurora borealis. I missed the light show last night, but Spaceweather.com has a collection of photos taken around the world, from Michigan to Norway. Read the rest