Netflix crime-doc spoof asks: 'Who drew the dicks?'

You'd be nuts not to watch the trailer for American Vandal, a mockumentary that satirizes Netflix's true crime genre.

American Vandal is an 8-part true-crime series centered around a costly high school prank that left twenty-seven faculty cars vandalized with phallic images. A sophomore student and aspiring documentarian investigates the potentially unjust expulsion of troubled senior (and known dick-drawer) Dylan Maxwell, but one question remains on everyone's minds until the very end: Who drew the dicks?

The real question may be: Will it actually air on Netflix or is it just a ballsy joke? Read the rest

Video of walnut sanded away layer by layer

Walnut Sanded Away Layer by Layer

Laurin Döpfner sanded a walnut, layer by layer, and combined the photos into an animated video. Here's his set-up. Read the rest

Nuts may contain nuts

A British supermarket was forced to take bags of nuts off the shelves after the labeling failed to declare the possible presence of peanuts. The store, Booths, apologised and warned customers allergic to nuts not to consume the nuts. [BBC] Read the rest

Nutjob violates parole

Anti-evolutionist and unilateral correspondent Dennis Markuze, harasser of scientists and journalists, has failed to resist the call of the pen despite his recent conviction. John Timmer writes:

Within the last few weeks, several science writers (including Scott Johnson of Ars) started receiving disturbingly familiar messages via Twitter. Oddly, a tweet of mine about NASA's Space Station alert system prompted a response that mentioned both socialism and atheism. It seemed clear that Mabus was back; members of the atheist community had already come to the same conclusion. Fortunately, the Montreal Police also reached that conclusion. Markuze appeared just as bad at covering his tracks as he had been earlier, so the police were able to announce that Markuze has been taken into custody for parole violations.

I'm proud to have been one CC among a great, great many! Read the rest

In China, some people are seriously into collecting pairs of big, round, nuts, and playing with them

[Video Link]. Collecting pairs of walnuts is a thing in China. The bigger and the older, the better! "Playing with these kind of nuts isn't for ordinary people," says one collector in this exquisite Reuters News video. (via Shanghaiist) Read the rest