Rare ocean encounter between sperm whale and remotely operated vehicle caught on video


About two thousand feet (598 meters) below the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana, remotely operated vehicle Hercules encountered a magnificent sperm whale. Read the rest

The microscopic world of corals [video]

[Video Link] Here's an amazing video from PBS Digital Studios' “Under H2O” series, with micro images of corals.

Corals are beautiful when seen through your own eyes in sunlight, but for scientists at the University of Hawaii, seeing corals in this manner is not enough. They are using a revolutionary new tool called a laser scanning confocal microscope to take photographs of corals that are one part art and one part science. In this episode, they take us along for a ride with this amazing new technology and show us corals in a way we have never seen them before.
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Video of cool undersea jelly blob

[Video Link] Steve Haddock, a research scientist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (as well as a MAKE contributor, and co-author of a great book called Practical Computing for Biologists) just posted this video about a weird and wonderful jelly called the scyphomedusa Deepstaria.

If you like what you see here, visit Jellywatch, Steve's citizen-science website about jellies. Read the rest

Hagfish ties itself in a knot

Apparently, October 19 was Hagfish Day. I nearly missed it. But please enjoy this video and celebrate for the next hour. Also recommended: This song about hagfish.

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Video via Creaturecast Read the rest