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Miyazaki films reimagined as woodblock prints


The stars of Hayao Miyazaki's films recede into the background in a series of prints inspired by Japanese woodblock artist Kawase Hasui.

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Offbeat, girly games that pay tribute to a pioneer


In the mid-1990s, Theresa Duncan's works went beyond just 'games for girls' -- charming games like Chop Suey, Smarty and Zero Zero were rueful and unusual, with a distinct Gen X flavor, portraying young womanhood in all its weirdness and touching complexity. The pioneering Duncan died in 2007, but now there's a new group of small games in tribute to her work.

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Somewhere a mountain is shouting your tweets


On a distant digital hillside, two mountains are yelling your Twitter updates at each other in deep, sonorous voices.

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Edutainment failed me

I wish they'd just teach Bloodborne in schools. Read the rest

Play it now: Traveler


Traveler is a nuanced and touching text game about... finding where you belong? It's an abstract space travel adventure, where you drift among planets with an eye on your ever-falling system gauges, thinking about your home, your family, your mission.

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Was the world's oldest deck of cards any fun?


The oldest complete deck of cards in the world is from the distinctly-unhappy 15th century, and lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Cloisters location. The oblong cards are nifty-looking—but what would people play with them?

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TODAY: Buy a bundle of wonderful games, send money to Baltimore kids


The Devs With Baltimore bundle contains independently-made games "donated by their authors in support of the Baltimore Algebra Project and in solidarity with protesters resisting antiblack state/police violence and white supremacy." It's available til a minute before midnight EST today, May 4, so get it now.

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Why Silent Hill mattered

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This 1-bit 'peasant simulator' is the new game by the creator of Threes


In its opening screen, Royals describes itself as an "optimistic peasant simulator." This turns out to be a rather grim tagline, given how unlikely it is that your character will ever make it past age 30.

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Lo-Fi Let's Play: Life & Death

As a child, I dreamed of becoming a surgeon, thanks to 1988's Life & Death -- before Surgeon Simulator or Trauma Center, this awkward, deathly-serious medical game gave me the idea that I should volunteer to practice appendectomies on the other third-graders.

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In this elegant ritual horror, giant hornets are everywhere


I love Twine games that are able to create a strong sense of place. Despite being text-only, a beautiful typeface and atmospheric, well-selected words go beyond 'choosing your own adventure', to navigating vivid interconnected chambers. Kitty Horrorshow's strange, oddly-lovely Hornets is vivid, all right.

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Play a brilliant, romantic Thelma & Louise-style space tale


You're space cowgirl Enora Bey, and you and your alien lady love Quanee have a ship full of stolen cows. Cows are worth a fortune on Truxton, but it'll be tough to make it. Listen to lonesome radio, pick up a little mind-altering substance on the way, deal with ex-girlfriends and telepathic border guards in this smooth, special story game.

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Play games like Oregon Trail or SimCity inside your own tweets


Thousands of classic games from Prince of Persia to Wolfenstein 3D are available for free on the Internet Archive, and now you can embed and play them directly inside of individual tweets.

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Whoa, it's Zelda: A Link To The Past's world map, in living detail


"Friendly tag-based Javascript animators" JADSDS have made a gigantic HMTL5 map of the overworld from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, also known as the best Zelda. Though it takes a while to load, it's well worth it.

You can see the massive kingdom and all its tiny lurking enemies, characters, palaces and waterfalls. Remember playing it as a kid and feeling like the whole world was enormous, like you could never see all its secrets? Zoom all the way out and see the whole world in your browser, or in to watch everything move around in the orbits you remember. Pretty neat.

There are some more fun classic animations to play with on the JADSDS website. Thanks to Kotaku for scouting this off Reddit, and for recommending you try the map on mobile!

Play it now: Melter


The works of Mason Lindroth have a distinctive look and texture—clay-like blobs and gradients, cranked through a 1990s Macintosh computer screen. The play-doh colors, visual flecks and alien sounds of his latest work, Melter, will take you straight back to the days of Liquid Television on MTV.

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The sea is pretty dangerous for baby jellyfish

I might have a Thing about games featuring the frequent deaths of cute marine life, but here is another one: Jelly Reef, a game about guiding baby jellyfish by creating swirling currents in the sea with your fingertips. It's soothing, until you realize all kinds of things will kill your jellies.

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The brain-tingling world of ASMR collides with science fiction

An inexplicably-soothing audiovisual phenomenon is making fascinating inroads toward interactivity, futurism and VR Read the rest