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Manualist plays 'Stairway to Heaven' with nothing but his sweaty, squeaky hands

I would like to know Robert Plant and Jimmy Page's thoughts about this outsider musician's YouTube masterpiece: a cover of 'Stairway to Heaven,' played on this dude's hands.

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Houston's Beer Can House, photographed by a Boing Boing reader

Boing Boing reader Molly Block shot a wonderful set of photos documenting The Beer Can House in Houston, Texas. She shared them in our Boing Boing Flickr Pool.

She writes:

Native Houstonian John Milkovisch started the project in 1968. Following Mr. Milkovisch's death in 1988, and the death of his wife Mary, the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, a Houston-based non-profit arts organization, purchased the house and later restored it.

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Pregnancy fashion tips

Robert Popper, who always finds the weirdest shit, says, "Here’s some helpful tips on ‘pregnancy fashion’ from the amazing Desire Dubounet. You remember Desire Dubounet, don't you?"

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Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy: the cult rants of Fracis E. Dec, Esq.

Schizovisionary cult radio ranter conspiracy theorist Francis E. Dec, Esquire (he insisted on the "esquire," even after having been disbarred from practicing law) was recorded by Los Angeles radio host "Doc on the ROQ" of KROQ-FM. The weirdo audio made its way around the world on cassette tape; later, fans digitized them and shared for all Kosher-Bosher mankind.

The Wikipedia article on Dec is really good. WFMU appreciates his work. Here's a fan club website. Here's a Flickr set of his flyers.

Dec died in 1996. He was mentally ill. While we don't know for sure, his material suggests that he was a "machine-influencing-delusional" schizophrenic. The recordings include much racist and misogynist material: the n-word, and explicit racial hate and sexual stuff. This disclaimer applies here, too.

PS: I'm fairly certain that Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy is shorthand for "Google."

(thanks for the reminder, @rabite)

Could this be the best bad music video of all time? 3 Second Rule, by Lisa Gail Allred

[Video Link] Maybe. It's a good contender for the next "Pardon Me." Mined from the internet by the honorable funnyhunter Robert Popper, of Friday Night Dinner and Look Around You: Season One and The Timewaster Letters fame.

Royce Reed, star of campy-bizarro viral videos: RIP

At Dangerous Minds, our friend and former (frequent) guestblogger Richard Metzger writes about the death of Royce Reed, co-star of the “Royce and Marilyn” viral videos. She passed away last night.

"In 2009, when I was guest-blogger at Boing Boing," he writes, "I helped get the ball rolling on the Royce and Marilyn craze." Indeed he did. His post today on the sad news includes many more videos and links.

Back in 1999, the LA Weekly ran the definitive profile on Royce and her comic partner Marilyn Hoggatt. A great loss to Weird Culture. These women were basically real-life versions of Absolutely Fabulous meets Norma Desmond, shaken up with a little Englebert Humperdinck samba. More great videos here.