Jesus appears in the clouds above Colombian city after catastrophe

Earlier this month, landslides in Manizales, Colombia killed 17 people and devastated the city. As emergency workers and citizens responded to the tragedy, some people reportedly noticed the clouds part and a beam of sunlight form into the figure of Jesus.

"‘Jesus’ Appears Over Landslide-Stricken Colombian City" (Mysterious Universe)

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Shadow on garage door looks like human face

The garage door is staring at me

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Deep dreaming at the supermarket

This three-minute video was run through Deep Dream, Google's neural net that generates algorithmic pareidolia in the form of weird creatures. I want glasses that do this.

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Trump as a boxing glove

The November 2016 issue of Vonk (Netherlands) has a photo of Trump that looks a lot like a boxing glove. Read the rest

Creepy ice ghost pareidolia

Let her in

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Photo of scary man turns out to be something else when rotated

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Upside down man lives in Joaquin Phoenix's forehead

The longer you look, the better the effect.

Joaquin Phoenix Forehead
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This is either a petrified Bigfoot skull, or a rock

Todd May of Ogden, Utah discovered this object that he says is a fossilized Bigfoot skull. May previously spotted Bigfoot in Ogden Canyon. Twice. In fact, he says the creatures have thrown rocks at him. Hiking again in the area, he found the fossilized skull.

"It had the same facial structure as the creatures I had seen," he told the Times Record News.

"There's haters out there, other Bigfoot enthusiasts that don't like that I found something first," May said.

On the other hand, Jesse Carlucci, a geoscience professor at Midwestern State University, insists that the object is absolutely a rock. Sure it is, professor...

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Watch this machine cut car tires in half

It takes its own sweet time. Bonus points for looking like a face near the end. Read the rest

Eerie composite face made from things without faces

Artist Robby Kraft feed a bunch of Instagram photos of objects tagged with #FacesInThings into a face detection algorithm and averaged them into a composite image that looks a lot like a creepy human face.

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Freaky! Street sign casts shadow of hanging man

These photos were taken at a crossing in South Devon. The junction is locally known as "Dead Man's Cross" and is reportedly the former site of a gallows. Creeeeeeeepy!

A fellow named George Johnston noticed the curious shadow and posted his photo of it on social media where it garnered plenty of attention.

"Some people thought it was fake but a couple of others have gone down there themselves to check and posted similar pictures," Johnston told the Plymouth Herald. "Why would I spend my time Photoshopping a shadow? I have a life."

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Donald Trump's face appears in tub of organic butter

Jan Castellano purchased a tub of butter from Trader Joe's with a pattern on top that looks either like three sphincters or Donald Trump's resting bitch face.

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Photo of ancient wheels and axle found on Mars

Earlier this morning David posted a photo of a woman on Mars. We now know why she's there. Her 4-wheeled pareidoliaopede broke down and she is walking home. This is a photo of the axle and two wheels that broke off.

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Humanoid figure photographed on Mars

This mysterious humanoid figure was photographed on the red planet by the Mars Curiosity Rover. Read the rest

Pareidolia of the day: Rocky Bellboa

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FacesPics: my new favorite twitter feed

Why did it take me this long to discover @FacesPics? It features photo after photo of unintentional faces.

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Photo of Jesus at the toilet

Freda Murphy of Erdington, England spotted Jesus in her newly-laid cement bathroom floor. Read the rest

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