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Gorgeous wooden PC modeled on old-timey radio

373 "My idea of a compact yet powerful gaming PC with a little style added," writes Jeffrey Stephenson, creator of beautiful wooden computers. "Best viewed with Marvin Gaye playing in the background."

My top two gadgets from Wired's top ten gadgets of CES

Notwithstanding the good reasons to be forgiving of CES, I still find it difficult to work up enormous enthusiasm for most gadgets, representing, as they so often do, small incremental improvements over existing technology. However, Wired's top ten CES gadgets report has two items that caught my eye and my interest:

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Mondrian PC

Jeffrey Stephenson made a beautiful Mondrian PC enclosure.

Mondrian is a fanless mini-ITX case design made from wood and hand-cut acrylic tiles. Fresh air is drawn into the case after passing through the exposed heatsink finning. An 80mm CPU fan is mounted under the heatsink and acts as a combo CPU/case fan.

Specific inspirations (including the famous Yves Saint Laurent dress) and a build report at the above link!