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Kickstarting a 6-lens spherical 60fps VR camera

Jeffrey Martin writes, "I have been working for the last couple of years on this camera, and we have launched today on Kickstarter. It is a beautiful, small device (the size of a tennis ball) with six cameras that make a 4K-resolution, 60fps, spherical video."

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Jack Fusco's remarkable night photography

Malibu Sea Cave

Night photography specialist Jack Fusco has a special love for framing his images of the Milky Way using sea caves, like this one in Malibu.

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Azerbaijani cultural center's gorgeous flowing architecture


Photographer Francisco Anzola posted some gorgeous photos of Azerbaijan, including the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center in Baku.

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AP: photos of Ted Cruz with gun pointed at head not intended to be negative



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EU set to kill street photography

The "Freedom of Panorama" is the right to take pictures in public spaces, even if you incidentally capture copyrighted works, from building facades to public sculptures to images on t-shirts and ads -- and on July 9, the EU will vote whether to abolish it.

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Memento Mori: the beautiful ways we have kept the dead among the living

Art historian Paul Koudounaris travelled the world, visiting 30 countries to document the practices—ancient to modern, solemn to joyous—by which human remains are displayed. From good luck charms to genocide memorials, his gorgeous art book Memento Mori collects the finds.Read the rest

Suffragette on a scooter (1916)


Florence Priscilla, an English socialite and activist, received this Autoped as a birthday present from her husband. She used it to commute to her office in London. From Mashable's gallery of vintage scooter photos.

Vintage ping pong snapshots


Magnum photographer Alec Soth and writers Pico Iyer and Geoff Dyer, all Ping Pong fans, compiled a neat little book of vernacular photos related to ping pong.

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And the winners of the international iPhone Photography Awards are...


Out of thousands of photographs entered from all over the world,  this year's top Photographer of the Year of the iPhone Photography Awards went to Michal Koralewski of Poland. His black and white winning shot (above), Sounds of the Old Town, captures the emotion-filled face of a bearded man playing the accordion in a Warsaw market place.

Second place went to David Craik of Surrey, England for a photo of birds, Cafe Birds, he took with his iPad mini (below).


Third place went to Yvonne Lu of New York for her iPhone snap, Before Sunset (below), which gives us a voyeuristic glimpse of a sleeping couple on a train.


Speaking to Time magazine, Koralewski gives us a pointer:

“If you want to take a good photograph, first you need to cut out distractions in the background and focus on the essential parts of the frame. It’s especially important if you take photos with a smartphone,” says Koralewski who also encourages attention to light and experimenting with different angles for varying perspectives.

The top three winners mentioned above will each receive an Apple Sport Watch. There were also three winners each for 19 other categories, including food, travel and portrait. The first place winner of each of these categories will receive a Gold Bar from a gold mint. In its eighth year, the IPPA began awarding phone photographers when iPhones first launched. They are currently taking entries for 2016. To see specifics, click here.

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Portraits of children's faces as they watch TV


Australian photographer Donna Stevens captured children's faces as they watch television.

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Historic photographs transformed into surreal animated GIFs by Nicolas Monterrat


The GIF works of Nicolas Monterrat, who uses vintage photographs as a base for his unsettling, trippy, subtle little animations.

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Dramatic video of storm supercell and mesocyclone: “Art of the Storm,” Nicolaus Wegner

A stunning short film by Nicolaus Wegner, with music by Ryan Taubert.

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'Arrangements,' Emily Blincoe: assorted objects neatly arranged

Emily Blincoe []

Emily Blincoe []

Photographer Emily Blincoe of Austin, Texas is best known online for her now very viral photos of pleasingly-sorted sets of things. Why do these little tableaus of neatness delight us so?

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Stunning body paint portraits shared by a reader in the Boing Boing Flickr pool


18728470101_c034987389_k (1)

Shared by Drew Pion in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool.

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Noir tongue-in-cheek photos of Batman action figure


Photographer Rémi Noël explores the archetypes of American mythology: motels and their neon signs, desert expanses and the highways that crisscross them" and Batman.

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Shitty Rigs: A tumblr of scary and sketchy DIY filmmaking rigs

So, this is a dolly.  []

So, this is a dolly. []

A tumblog of greatness documenting low-budget and no-budget workarounds on film, television, and web video sets:

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Watch footage of Amelia Earhart from 1937

This newly-discovered film footage of Amelia Earhart from 1937 was released in conjunction with an e-book titled "Amelia Earhart's Last Photo Shoot."

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