Microscope photographs of alcohol drinks


Smithsonian writes about BevShots, a company that sells microscope photographs of the crystallized form of alcoholic beverages, like tequila, above, and white wine and scotch, seen below.

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Gabriel the angel, illuminated in Manhattan


BB pal Scott Matthews snapped this sublime photo of Gabriel on the roof of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan. Scott says, "Twice a year the sun rises aligned behind the statue, it's kind of my personal Manhattanhenge."

Photos of writers at work

Ernst writes, "For over three years, I've been collecting photos of writers at work, including Hemingway, Faulkner, Didion, but also modern day authors like Safran Foer and... Cory Doctorow. My collection consists over 400 photos now." Although watching people type is canonically dull, there's a lot of motion and potential in these portraits (above: Pearl Buck)

Soviet Ghosts: photographing the abandoned USSR

Abandoned soviet 10 Photographer Rebecca Litchfield's gorgeous and haunting photo series and book, Soviet Ghosts: A Communist Empire in Decay, documents abandoned towns, factories, prisons, hospitals, theaters, and military bases in the Soviet Union and former Eastern Bloc.


Whilst some may look at the decay in these places as simply reflecting the destruction of the Soviet Union and the moral bankruptcy of a flawed ideological system. In reality they will cease to exist very soon and as the memories fade, these places and the communities who once gave life will be forgotten and deserve to be recorded for posterity too. This book documents the strange interval caught between modernity and antiquity.

Abandoned soviet 00

Abandoned soviet 05

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Portraits of people in 7 days' worth of their own garbage

Lya, Whitney and Kathrin.

Gregg Segal's beautiful photographs of people lying around in a week's worth of their own trash are making the internet rounds this week.

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Artistic scanner-photos taken on a coral-reef

Nathaniel Stern straps modified document scanners to his body and then walks around, producing beautiful, glitched out art-images. Now he's taken his scanners to the bottom of the ocean.

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A beautiful photo of the Moon and Mars, close together on July 5

Photo: Jerry Lodriguss

Photo: Jerry Lodriguss

Jerry Lodriguss, digital astrophotographer, captured this stunning image of our Moon passing close to the planet Mars on July 5, 2014.

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What "open learning" looks like when it's for kids who need it most

It takes more than videos on the Internet to get kids engaged in learning to code, writes Mimi Ito.

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Mosaic Photography

John Maushammer shares his tricks for making gorgeous 100 megapixel mosaics of tiny objects.

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Gallery: The dark, sexy Polaroids of H.R. Giger

H.R. Giger, Headband, 1981. Metal. Designed for Backfired, 1981

H.R. Giger, Headband, 1981. Metal. Designed for Backfired, 1981. Yes, that's Blondie's Debby Harry.

From Antennae Books, "Polaroids: H.R. Giger." A collection of personal snapshots by the late Swiss artist and Academy Award-winning film designer best known for Alien.

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Photography: 'Love Letter,' a series by Beijing-based Xiao Yang


Images from "Love Letter" parts I and II, by Xiao Yang, a photographer based in Beijing, China.

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Behind the scenes of that soggy doggie photo shoot

Remember this fabulous "Wet Dog" photo series we posted a while back? Here's a behind-the-scenes video with photographer Sophie Gamand.

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'Dream Weavers,' underwater fashion spread by photographer Zena Holloway


Zena Holloway is best known for elegant underwater photography, and her work was recently featured in this fashion shoot for the Financial Times' lifestyle magazine, How to Spend It.

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Photography: the surreal digital manipulations of Martín De Pasquale


A sample of the amazing images created by Martín De Pasquale, digital retouching genius based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Photographer Nick Meek's gorgeous flower petal volcano explosions


Photographer Nick Meek produced the video and images shown here as part of a promotional campaign for Sony's new 4K televisions, through the McCann global ad firm. From DesignBoom:

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