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Homing pigeon caught dropping off drugs at prison


Guards at the La Reforma jail near San Jose, Costa Rica caught this homing pigeon as it flew into the prison carrying a bag of cocaine and marijuana.

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Pink pigeon enchants and mystifies Britons


One Wes Charnock observed the mystery pigeon, depicted above in London newspaper Metro. Expert consensus is that it has been dyed, or is a tourist from Mauritius.

Now you can date pigeons on almost any platform


Hatoful Boyfriend, a deeply weird yet touching visual novel where you date birds, has just come out for PlayStation 4 and its attendant handheld, the Vita, so it's a good time for us to recommend it. As I write this, there is a virulent thrumming, like a sick animal growl, coming from our windowsill: It is the persistent, almost threatening coo of a local city pigeon who has decided our bird feeder is now its territory. I'm going to just go ahead and suggest you play the pigeon dating game.

If you want to know more about it, last year Laura wrote about Hatoful Boyfriend for Rock Paper Shotgun, and without spoiling anything she digs into the genuinely-subversive elements of the game, aspects that have fun at the expense of the visual novel format, its tropes and conventions. Just when you think you have mastered all the conceits of bird-dating, something unexpected happens.

If you don't have a PlayStation platform you can check out Hatoful Boyfriend on Steam, and you can get a free demo here.

That pigeon is still outside. It is starting to frighten me. This isn't a joke.

Oh my God a hawk just ripped up a pigeon right in front of me and totally just sat there eating it

[Video Link] Heather's breakfast, Saturday, was eaten in the company of an unexpected visitor. Below, a 45-second time lapse version of the full 15-minute feast, to Moment Music's remix of Ravel's Bolero (download).

Elderly woman strangles pigeons

Cambridge, England, has a pigeon problem. The verminous birds cause so much mess that a $170,000 annual budget was established to deal with them. Progress has been slow, however—too slow for one resident.

A serial “pigeon strangler” has been prowling a historic street in Cambridge to rid it of the messy birds. Traders in Rose Crescent have told how the elderly woman, a resident of the street, is so sick of flocks of the feathered feral creatures making a mess she has started her own one-woman cull. ... “You see a lot of things in the city but that is really odd. She told me she has asked the council to cull the pigeons but they won’t do it. I suppose she decided to take the matter into her own hands. When I saw her with a dead pigeon she just said,“I strangled it”. You just learn to say OK to something like that.”

Hey, it's cheaper than shooting them. [Cambridge News via Arbroath]

Church tower holds tons of pigeon crap

"A hatch on a Swedish church tower inadvertently left open for some three decades resulted in 2 tons of pigeon droppings amassing in the tower." [Yahoo News]