Donald Trump, deadbeat


USA Today builds on its excellent work tracking the staggering volume of litigation that Der Drumpf is embroiled with by focusing in on the hundreds of entities -- salaried workers, family businesses, lawyers -- who've had to sue Trump, singly and in bunches, to get the money he owed them. Read the rest

Obama endorses Clinton in online video, urges Democratic Party to unite

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President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president today, in a video posted to the Clinton campaign's Facebook and YouTube accounts, instantly shared far and wide.

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Robert Reich's open letter on the downticket and future legacy of Bernie Sanders


Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor to Bill Clinton (previously), published a beautiful open letter to Bernie Sanders setting out the senator's accomplishments and legacy. Read the rest

As GWB was a gift to late-night comedy shows, so Trump brings out the best in Congressional firebrands


I remember John Stewart's first nights on The Daily Show, when the radioactive, manifest awfulness of GW Bush and his nakedly opportunistic response to 9/11 seemed to reach deep into the comedian's psyche and conjure forth an heroic, blazing best self whose invective and wit skewered, enraged, and succored all of us who were living through those years. Read the rest

China plans undersea lab, 3km down


Bloomberg News reports that the Chinese Science Ministry plans to build a laboratory on the sea floor at a depth of 3 kilometers. It's the latest salvo in its expansionist effort to take control of the South China Sea.

So far there are few public details, including a specific time line, any blueprints or a cost estimate -- or where in the waterway it might be located. Still, China under President Xi Jinping has asserted itself more strenuously in the South China Sea, one of the world’s busiest shipping routes. Its claims to more than 80 percent of the waters and the creation of artificial islands covering 3,200 acres have inflamed tensions with nations including Vietnam and the Philippines...

"The deep sea contains treasures that remain undiscovered and undeveloped, and in order to obtain these treasures we have to control key technologies in getting into the deep sea, discovering the deep sea, and developing the deep sea," Xi said last month at a national science conference.

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MoveOn tells Sanders to move on


Progressive political advocacy group issued a statement today discouraging any attempts to use Super Delegates to overturn the popular vote in the 2016 U.S. presidential race. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has maintained that this is his path to the Democratic Party's nomination, as results from state primaries show his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton with a majority of the popular vote, pledged delegates, and won states.

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Hillary Clinton secures Democratic nomination

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the University of Miami in Florida

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won the California Democratic primary last night, cementing her status as the party's prospective nominee. The first woman to clinch a major party's nomination, Clinton remains the favorite to win the general election in November.

The BBC reports that an overwhelming majority of Bernie Sanders supporters plan to back Clinton after all, though the data is a few weeks old, with only a few percent switching to her Republican rival Trump.

Perhaps it's the case that having been engaged in politics, young people who would never otherwise have voted for Clinton are now very much aware that she isn't like Trump at all. While Clinton might not have much to offer them, the difference for others would be stark.

Sanders vowed to fight on at least until Washington D.C.'s vote next week, but he and President Obama are meeting tomorrow at the White House—a graceful exit plan in the offing? Read the rest

A logical guide to 2016 Democratic Primary outcomes


Today marks the end of any major contests among presidential candidates in the U.S. Democratic Primary. The election has been steady and relatively predictable at the polls. It seems hardly a contest at all, if you look at the math. But math hasn't stopped a flaming screamfest about lifted chairs and cheating complaints, system-rigging, and general disharmony between two candidates with voting records that actually align 92% of the time.

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What Trump University tells us about how to make Trump sweat


Trump's voters don't care that he's racist or sexist. They don't care if he's really a billionaire or if he fudges his taxes. And they don't care if something he's blathering on about is impossible or went out of business years ago. But when an issue comes up that connects all three of these supposed weaknesses—his frauds, his bigotry and his failures— magic happens.

Trump University and The Mexican Judge is exemplary, a story so strong that it's not only hurting Trump but any Republican dumb enough to open his mouth to try and parse it for him. A fraudulent shakedown that failed in the marketplace, Trump University punctures both his business credibility and his ego. But two out of three ain't enough. They exploded, though, when a third element—a "Mexican" judge—allowed those two factors to make contact with his racism.

On the other hand, imagine a sort of fourth dimensional space outside the Venn diagram where all three factors are negated completely and it is conceptually impossible to hurt Trump at all. Think insults, cute nicknames, appeals to authority, that sort of thing. That's probably where Hillary will spend the next six months. Sad! Read the rest

Iowa State Senator quits the Republican party


In its death throes, the Republican Party is a toilet of racist, sexist, misogynistic bullshit. Today, Iowa State Senator David Johnson has changed his party affiliation to "No Party", and compared the rise of Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president, to that of the fascist German National Socialists in the 1930s.

Via TPM:

Johnson, who said he would change his registration to No Party, compared Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP ticket to the rise of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.

Trump won “by reducing his campaign to reality TV and large crowds and divisive language and all the trappings of a good show for those who like that kind of approach and that’s what happened in the 1930s in Germany,” he told The Guardian.

“I think that’s all I need to say but certainly the fascists took control of Germany under the same types of strategies,” he added.

Johnson, who noted that his own father was part of the first U.S. unit to help liberate a Nazi prison camp, said that Trump’s attacks on the “Mexican” heritage of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel flew in the face of everything he’d been taught as a child.

“If we’re going to exclude Muslims from traveling to the United States, who’s next? Are we going to come down on Jews? ... He’s not fit to be president,” Johnson told the publication.

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David Byrne wants you to register to vote, and wants everyone else to, too


Former Talking Heads frontman and happiest of all the mutants David Byrne has a great post up about voter suppression, voter registration, and the state of American politics. Read the rest

Corbyn pledges to kill TTIP if elected


TTIP is the farcically secretive, insanely corrupt trade agreement that the US and EU negotiated behind closed doors in parallel with the faltering Trans-Pacific Partnership. Read the rest

Democratic "superdelegates" endorse Bernie


At the outset of the campaign for the Democratic nomination, many of the party's "superdelegates" (party grandees, including current and former officeholders, party officials, etc, who have the ability to swing the nomination at the convention if they think the popular vote has selected an "unelectable" candidate) publicly pledged for Hillary Clinton, but Sanders supporters have held out hope that they would switch sides when it became apparent that Bernie Sanders had a better chance of winning the general election than Hillary Clinton did. Read the rest

California Democratic primary voters: don't accept "provisional ballots!"


If you're a Californian registered Independent/No Party Preference, you are entitled to cast a ballot in the Democratic primary on June 7, but some Orange County poll workers report that they've been instructed to give independent voters "provisional ballots," which, in practice, are rarely if ever counted. Read the rest

No warrant is needed to get your phone's location data, U.S. appeals court rules

REUTERS/Zoran Milich
In a major blow to security and privacy advocates, a U.S. appeals court on Tuesday ruled that police don't have to have a warrant to obtain your cellphone location data. The ruling means that in America, you have zero expectation of privacy over the historical location data generated by your cell phone.

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Paul Ryan endorses Trump


Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, cringing from the decision for days after it became clear who would win the party's nomination, has finally endorsed Donald Trump's bid to become U.S. President.

The Wisconsin Republican has voice reservations over Trump's tone throughout the campaign and disagrees with him on many policy areas. Last month, he met with the likely GOP nominee and still withheld his endorsement. As recent as last week, he was still holding out.

But on Thursday he finally acquiesced. In a column in the Janesville Gazette, the Speaker wrote that the two "have more common ground than disagreement." And despite never using the word "endorse" in the article, Ryan's spokesman confirmed it was an official endorsement.

For Republicans, obedience or oblivion. Read the rest

Neo-Nazis make a Chrome extension that alerts you to potential Jewish names


If you install "Coincidence Detector," a Chrome plugin from Altrightmedia, then every time a Jewish-seeming name appears in your browser, it will be surrounded in (((triple parentheses))) (the extension also uses a crowdsourced list of known Jews to enfold their names in parenthetical hugs where they appear). Read the rest

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