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TSA is sad that we don't want them to touch our junk

Sources at the TSA are bitterly angry that CNN is covering the global horror at the new pornoscanner/genital-fondling procedure: because, you know, it hurts their feelings. Unlike, say, irradiating breast-cancer survivors, terrorizing three year olds, or sexually assaulting mothers while their children look on. Diddums.

Achtung! TSA!

Oleg Volk has a smashing new TSA checkpoint warning side: Achtung! TSA breast-groping ahead!

Achtung, TSA!

New aviation risk: pleats

NDR, the German public radio broadcaster, reports that airport pornoscanners are unable to cope with pleats:
While some passengers are being asked to remove thicker clothes such as jumpers, NDR reported that the devices are regularly malfunctioning due to creases in lighter clothes such as blouses and skirts.
'Naked' scanners fooled by creased clothing (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)