Flip animation on a power drill

Maker Federico Tobon of WolfCatWorkshop wanted to test out a 24-frame flip box animation he was working on, so he attached his art to a power drill.

Here's a closeup:

Tobon told Doodlers Anonymous that he was inspired by mutoscopes, "old-timey coin-operated machines" that are animated using flipbooks, to test his work out on a drill.

I wanted to make my own from scratch so I started building it. When I had the frames mounted on the spindle I wanted to test it and since I didn't have a box yet, or any other plans for a crank or a motor, I mounted it on the drill to get a smooth rotation. The drill seemed like the easiest thing that was lying around at the moment.

This flip box isn't quite finished. You can follow its progress on Tubon's Instagram.

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