Watch genetically-evolving cars race in 2D

Genetic Cars is a transfixing simulation of procedurally-generated vehicles attempting to traverse rough terrain. Each round comprises genetic variations of the previous round's most successful car.

You can randomize the terrain and tweak mutation rates, gravity and other variables. (Moon gravity is chaotic fun; Jupiter seems, for some reason, more convincingly real than the default Earth settings) Read the rest

Computer-generated music with data from real artists

Chordi asks you to select an instrument and a chord pattern, then procedurally-generates thirty seconds of obviously procedurally-generated music. It's still "talking dog" territory—so fascinating that it doesn't matter how good it is—but it really does sound vaguely yet uncannily like a certain famous rock group jamming while drunk.

Recommended settings for maximally-unpleasant results: "Tango accordion", "Minor key". The source code is on Github. Read the rest

Create a whole landscape from your own webcam

Of course, when I turned the webcam on at first, it was pointing at me, and I found myself wandering into a swollen-cheeked land where some cloud formation of my own face, eyes slowly blinking, constituted the sky.

Procedurally-generated moths are wonderfully haunting, plausible

Straddling the odd line between science and nature, this amazing new procedural generator pays striking tribute to the dusty, incandescent bodies of moths.

"Random" content tips for game devs

The Indie Games Weblog offers 5 tips for using procedurally-generated content--think fractals and L-systems--in game development. Read the rest