Meet Jeopardy!'s new master--and his controversial strategy [Podcast interview]

Jeopardy champion Glenn Fleishman on Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu

Quiz! Are these tasteless mobile apps real or fake?

In this quiz, you must decide whether 15 apps are for real, or completely made-up. From scatological humor to ethnic insensitivity and tasteless decor, the mobile marketplaces have ... some of it. Read the rest

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Connectors Quiz!

Twaggies presents another quiz, which this time will have you in knots of frustration behind the media center. Read the rest

Smithsonian inventors quiz

Fun trivia game at the Smithsonian website—Given a list of inventions, how many of the inventors can you name in 6 minutes. Cheat if you must, but know that every time you do, you make an adorable baby alpaca cry. Read the rest